Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Dec. 14 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Continue, CEO Robert W. Decherd and his lollapalooza raise.

Reflections of a Newsosaur:
Alan Mutter conducts an “Empty-Chair Interview.” The information about Decherd and why he could possible deserve a raise is difficult to stomach. It sounds like Gary Pruitt revisited. The questions you wish you could ask, but the answers would be scary arrogance IMO.
-Questions about Decherd’s 140% raise-

Q. ……If you had not taken a $350,000 raise, nearly six people still would have their jobs today. Instead, those six people are trying to find work in the most depressed economy since the 1930s. Does it bother you that those six people, not to mention all the others, lost their jobs so you could get a 140% raise?

Anonymous said...

So David Zeeck up at the McClatchy paper in Tacoma Washington is still making music in the graveyard.

Didn't CareerBuilder just lay off a bunch of people? Here is a link and a sample paragraph.

From "Dancing Dave"

"I’ve mentioned before that, in many ways, newspapers benefit from the Internet. The McClatchy Co., which owns this newspaper, also is a part owner of successful Web sites such as and Our online presence means our total audience reach is also larger than ever."

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it!!! The KC Star Readers' Rep. Derek Dovonvan took up a large space in today's Sunday Edition to WHINE AGAIN and pat himslf on his back. This is his headline. "WEB USERS BID ANONYMOUS COMMENTS HAPPY GOOD-BYE". Then he goes in about how anonymous postings reflect "very badly on The Kansas City Star". Then he points out that The Star is a private business. He adds "I'm glad the new commenting system is cutting down on a constant annoyance" to their web site.

So folks lets keep the other blogs in KC busy but STAY OFF any blogs in YOU ARE AN ANNOYANCE.