Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aerial photos and scientific studies show McClatchy's estimate of "about 2 million" at the inauguration is a crock

The excitable Obama Boosters at McClatchy estimated the crowd at Obama's inauguration at "about 2 million." However, aerial photos and scientific studies peg the actual number at closer to 800,000.

Shortly after the inauguration different organizations provided these estimates:

The Washington Post: 1.8 million
IHS Jane's: 1.271 million to 1.651 million
CNN: 1.5 million
The Associated Press: "more than 1 million"
McClatchy: "about 2 million"

But aerial photos show the crowd was nowhere near McClatchy's grossly inflated estimate, or even the smaller estimates provided by other media. One scientific study by an Arizona State University professor calculated the crowd size at 800,000. (Another photo here.) Of course, 800,000 is a large crowd but I'm not sure it's "historic" or any of the other superlatives used by the media.

It should be embarrassing that McClatchy's estimate was off by over one million. Any reason to believe this isn't part of McClatchy's campaign to hype Barack Obama?

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Anonymous said...

Wierd effect, like they are all wearing dark brown coats.

Anonymous said...

Wierd, like piles of dirt.

Dave D. said...

...As accurate as most other things McClatchy prints....that is to say, not accurate at all. And that's just fine with McClatchy, because accuracy was never their goal. Snookering their readers is way more important to them.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time McClatchy has been caught lying about the numbers. They falsified the attendance numbers of a number of Obama's functions during the campaign that were directly discredited by the law enforcement agencies designated to estimate those crowds. They also neglected little details like huge crowds to "see Obama" that were actually there to see a concert and Obama just happened to show up and take the stage.
The best of all however is their printing of a photo appearing to be a convention center impressively packed to overflowing. At least that is what they led you to believe, right up till the photo without the zoom effect appeared elsewhere the next day revealing an empty arena with a stage and a few dozen people all crowded into the shot.

I am especially fond of the latter stunt as an exact same scenario was the reason I quit at the Houston Chronicle. Reporters today have no sense of ethics what so ever.

McClatchy Watch said...

Thank goodness for the layers of editors and fact-checkers at McClatchy.

Anonymous said...

Like the thousands that attended the free rock concert in Portland that Obama attended, and it was labeled the largest political rally of all time. The media didn’t mention the FREE rock concert until absolutely forced to do so, and it was weeks later. Some people didn’t even know Obama was coming. Phony hype, liberals pushed it, dummies believed it. Just another example of fraud by the snake oil salesman.

Anonymous said...

Look closely at the picture. Blow it up. In the lower left hand quadrant, 3,218 people in from the margin.... Who is that with Caroline Kennedy?

Anonymous said...

You're a sad, sad person. Maybe you should let your anger go. Sure, the company didn't need your lazy ass anymore and you got kicked to the curb. Leave the news gathering and analysis to people who aren't bitter and unqualified.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's quite easy to explain. Liberals don't bathe. So of course they look like dirt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23, Thanks for taking the time to make a SPOT ON post!

Anonymous said...

McClatchy dosen't lie, they embellish the truth!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:17 Writes:
Leave the news gathering and analysis to people who aren't bitter and unqualified.

And, that would be who? The non-bitter McClatchy ‘hangin’ in the wind,’ HAPPY, HAPPY employees? Perhaps the qualified reporters writing make-believe news in Alaska? The pink slip dreading editors?
Give us a break! No McClatchy employee is happy! Of course, perhaps someone does enjoy seeing their company go down the drain.