Monday, January 19, 2009

Billionaire once dubbed "a thief" by the New York Times is in negotiations to purchase the troubled paper

His name is Carlos Slim. Some say he is the 2nd-most wealthy man in the world. (Why have I never heard of him?) He is reportedy negotiating to purchase the NYT, which once called him a "thief." Click here for the story.


Dave D. said...

...A monopolist thief buys out the incompetent blunderers. Tweedle dee buys tweedle stupid. If Mr. Slim has even a modicum of business acumen, he'll be better at it than the Sudzboogers. He can run it until he loses enough money to honorably turn it into the under-the-windshield flyer it was always destined to be. Dirt to dirt.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mexican politics and democrat politics do have a lot in common. Corruption, bribery, one party rule, oppressing the poor for political reasons. Might be a good match.

Anonymous said...

Better the thief you know is a thief, than the thief pretending to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is great potential here for cooperation and trade with our neighbor to the south.

We could outsource the corruption from our big cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago. While the mayors of these various strongholds of democratic control serve their time in prison, the corruption function could be assumed by Mexican politicians at a much better rate and save the taxpayers money.

When you balance the difference between big city corruption being exported and drugs being imported, our balance of payments should just about equal out.

Anonymous said...

You've never heard of him because, well, you're not bright, worldly or well read. Is that simple enough for you?

I ask again: why isn't this blog as good as the gannett blog? Do you lack certain skills? Are you a poor writer? Do you have reporting skills of a dead slug? Is THAT why you got kicked to the curb?

Anonymous said...

He must be doing something right. You swore you would not be back here again, but look at you now. All 3' 11' inches with the wit of a 10 year old.

Can't stay away? Addictive personality? No sweat, that is a common trait in San Francisco.

Archer05 said...

McC.W., I call the comment of Anon. 1:51 PM a personal attack. I also saw a comment on another thread that mentioned me. I see no place on this blog for that kind of abuse. Comment, rebut, all that is good on topic, but personal attacks are from posters better suited to another forum, IMO.