Sunday, January 18, 2009

Excited McClatchy reporter says Obama's inauguration is "a moment unrivaled in American history"

McClatchy reporters are so caught up in their emotion over Barack Obama's inauguration, they are losing their grasp of reality.

In a story explaining his plans for the inauguration, McClatchy reporter Matt Garfield says Barack Obama's inauguration will be "a moment unrivaled in our nation's history."

Jeez. I don't know how much American history Matt Garfield has studied, but I can think of quite a few more significant moments in American history.

Try the Declaration of Independence, and the colonies breaking away from England and forming a nation. The Constitution. Lincoln keeping the union together -- and ending slavery -- by leading the union army in the Civil War. Building the transcontinental railroad. The US leading the allies to defeat Hitler and Mussolini and Hirohito. Landing a man on the moon. Defeating communism. For generations, being a beacon of liberty for the world.

That little list took me a minute or two; I'm sure there are more to add.

Sorry, Matt, but so far Obama hasn't accomplished other than getting more votes than Hillary Clinton in the primaries, then getting more votes than John McCain in the general election. Get a grip on yourself.



Anonymous said...

If you wants to get a merit badge to sew on your official Team McClatchy Obama knee pads you have certain criteria you have to meet. The competition will be stiff and there is a time limit. All entries must be submitted by 12:01 on Wednesday January 21.

Catagories are:

Slobbering Adoration
Uncritical Love
Erase My White Guilt
Hysterical Praise

Catagories eliminated this year:

Unbiased Journalism

Good luck

Anonymous said...

You should rename this blog. A better title would "Obama Bashing For Fun And Profit."

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea... McClatchy and the rest of the old media has proven that unquestioned Obama Loving is not exactly profitable and probably not all that much fun.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I read this site I move it further up my favourites list and you are currently @ No 6. Keep up the good work.The only sites above yours are the likes of Red State, Michelle Malkin etc. One question. What are you going to do when McClatchy go bellyup? It will be soon I would say. New York Times Watch perhaps or has that been done? I know...Alphabet Networks Watch! Those dipsticks are doomed for sure!

Anonymous said...

Lots of inauguration bilge in today's Wichita Eagle. Blogging, fawning, overreaching, idolizing -- all the usual jouralistic products -- including a column by the Eagle's Mark McCormick, who types things like:
... "Has any man moved further, faster than Obama?
"Has any country moved further socially despite defense mechanismsm that cause people, still today, to recoil at the mere mention of this history? Despite shames so deep that the country still can't fully confront it?
"My fear is our tendency to forget that past or to allow others to gloss over it.
"To consider Tuesday no big deal, you're missing this country's tragic history and its indominitable spirit.
"Slaves built he White House. Now, a black man will lead the world from there. ..."

In Googling a couple of names to find out who the Eagle's inauguration "blogger" team included, I was led to the Wichita NAACP blog web site. The slogan on that site is none other than, "Speaking Truth to Power." I guess everyone is doing it!

Anonymous said...

A dictatorship couldn’t produce more one sided media coverage than the type Obama receives.

McClatchy, it's time for you to go.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:49 that cracked me up -- especially the Categories eliminated this year

Anonymous said...

Media lapdogs for Obama in cartoon format....

Exactly what we are talking about on this thread.

Kevin Gregory said...

The Adentures of Media: Lapdog for Obama

Anonymous said...

6:41 I spent a few minutes looking at that site you linked to. Now I understand where you are coming from: crazyland, where no rational communication is possible. That site take idolization of Bush to levels I hadn't thought possible.

Anonymous said...

School Superintendent warns against 'inappropriate comments' abput Obama

Liberal fascism is back. Any negative thought about Obama will be punished.

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is read this blog and you'll find out why you lost the election. Your a bunch of losers. You lost!! All of it. The people voted against it. You no longer will have a President, Senate or House. The people are sick of you and your hate of everything.

Anonymous said...

Your a bunch of losers.

LOL. The stupidity of Obama voters exposed.

Hopefully, Obama will be impeached soon.

Anonymous said...

Impeached? Bill Clinton gave the Chinese military the technology necessary to strike U.S. Soil with nuclear weapons and these morons could care less if Obama isn't even a natural born citizen or has ties to known, admitted terrorists.

He's far more likely to go out in a box before he would ever be impeached, but that too is as unlikely as it comes, because no one will ever get within 2 miles of the moonbat messiah.

Best you can hope for is to let him do what he has planned. Starting with his 150 million dollar party it is all nails in his coffin going forward.

Anonymous said...

The Bread and Circuses Presidency
Canada Free Press
by Daniel Greenfield

Call it the Bread and Circuses Presidency, or better yet the Bailouts and Reality TV Presidency. Forget expecting results or ethics from the occupant of the White House. Just join an organization or a cause and stick your hand out for your share of of misappropriated taxpayer money, and get ready to vote online for which puppy the Obamas should adopt.

Anonymous said...

Shame isn't it. Nasty ragheads hiding behind children then capitalizing on their cowardice.