Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Classy to the end: Bush leaves note to "44" on Oval Office desk for Obama

Caption under this White House photo:
A folder addressed to "44," left by Former President George W. Bush for President Barack Obama, sits on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.
Photo: Eric Draper/White House

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Jim62sch said...

Does it have the truth about the Roswell flying saucer?

Anonymous said...

Why does Bush have to be classy with Ghetto Trash like the Obama's?

Bluey from Oz said...

"Stop voting present you f#####g coward!"

Anonymous said...

44th president maybe? :-)

Anonymous said...


If you read this it means I didn't make it back. It also means you've broken a filament that controls a 13 second delayed trigger. End of game. Bang you're dead.

Charles Bronson Bush

Dave D. said...

...Say, is that a breath mint atop the note ? Maybe Barry was hittin' the Benson & Hedges a little too heavy before the oath and W wants to let him know it ain't a secret.

Anonymous said...

Now that "hittin' the Benson & Hedges" has been mentioned. The press corps that used to look into Sarah Palin’s panties drawer, is now admitting that ‘The One’ may have smoked a lot more, and for a lot more years, including his crack smoking years, than they 'did not' question. Maybe a few less questions about Gov. Palin’s baby, and a few more about black lung disease would have been in order. Oh well, mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

McClatchy Kamikazes Report
Shoe toss update:
Some of the guys are unhappy, and they were talking about the bravery of the journalist who threw his shoes at Gary Puritt, the guy who stole their jobs from them. Well, Pruitt deserves it after his illegal buying sprees. What do you expect when you make so many enemies?

Anonymous said...



Bush was just continuing what has been a long tradition of outgoing presidents leaving a note for incoming presidents.

And classy is not a word I would use in the same sentence with Bush anyway!

Anonymous said...

Did he write the note in crayon?