Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Left behind

Wonkette has photos of the litter, debris, waste, and elitist coffee cups left behind after the inauguration (language warning).

Funniest caption: “Maybe if we drop our litter by the fence, Obama will give us 20 bucks.” Hat tip: LT Nixon rants

UPDATE: Video added

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool


Anonymous said...

Did Howard Weaver edit this paragraph? It sounds familiar to his style.
"The mob wades through their self-styled wasteland of such easily recyclable, anachronistic items as [“print newspapers.”] We had no idea people actually bought [words printed on paper] anymore, but they did today, and it’s all on the f**king ground."

Dave D. said...

...In de crowds defense, the two trash cans shown are overflowing and there was no where else to put de trash. Perhaps because the D.C. garbagepersons have all been offered cabinet posts in de Obama administration. More likely, they were given the day off to participate. The one not-full dumpster pictured has a " Yes We Can " sticker. Yes they can, yes they could , but they would, not " Use The Can ". It's a cultural thang.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a regular D.C. day to me. Trash all around, what's new? Just waiting for the bailout, and all the taxpayers to foot the bill. I repeat, what's new?

LT Nixon said...

I've been to lefty fun fests like Burning Man, and this would have been unconscionable! Maybe these people thought Obama was going to magically clean it all up.