Monday, January 5, 2009

Dialing for dollars at the Modesto Bee: executive editor calls former subscribers

This item from a former Modesto Bee employee was posted on Jeff Jarvis' blog:
Now I have the Executive Editor of the Modesto Bee personally calling me and pleading for me to re-subscribe (at a rate less that my former employee discount). If they hadn’t lost sight of the vision of providing news instead of keeping the stockholders happy and coming up with these grandiose ideas of getting bigger by buying debt laden corporations and telling everybody don’t worry it’ll be all right, these papers would still be strong...

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Anonymous said...

Well, telemarketing probably has more of a future than being a newspaper executive. Maybe he is just exploring a new career path.

Billy Mays has the obnoxious TV sales hustle just about sewed up so it is good that he is looking for a new niche with a future.

McClatchy Watch said...

McClatchy is probably considering outsourcing these calls to the Philippines. They've already started the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

which made the following part of pete herzog's "Top 5-ish Threats to Watch for in 2009" so ironic:

"...This growing trend to move support to a quasi-unmonitored support channel will cost those organizations in returns, future sales, and distribution channels. And it will cost their customers in lost time, phone bills, and stress-related health care."

full list list here:

rather interesting coming on the heels of howard weaver's claims of more efficiency, no?