Thursday, January 8, 2009

Endorsed by John in Carolina

I'm honored John in Carolina endorsed McClatchy Watch today. (John, by the way, is an expert on the Duke Rape Hoax case and goings-on at the Raleigh News & Observer.) Check out his excellent blog here.)


Anonymous said...

For the record the Duke Lacrosse case was not a HOAX. It was and remains a cold-blooded FRAME-UP. There was no "aw-shit" or "gosh, we messed up" or "mistakes were made" or any such thing.

The Durham Police Department and the District Attorney and the administration of Duke University conspired and attempted to lynch three innocent people. It was the exact same MO that was seen in the Scottsboro Boys case, except the races of those involved were reversed.

But you are correct that John in Carolina is one of the foremost authorities on the Frame, and I'm proud to call him a friend of mine.

Walter Abbott

Anonymous said...

One other point. The Raleigh News and Observer was also part of the Frame. Their story of 3/25/06 which was packed with lies, sloshed gasoline all about and helped gin up the lynch mob.

And they knew what they were doing and did it on purpose.

Walter Abbott

McClatchy Watch said...

Thanks Walter

Anonymous said...

Walter Abbott is also an expert on the Duke hoax/frame-up case. IMO, he is a fine citizen journalist in his own right. Walter is just like JIC, if they write it, you can count on it being factual.

JWM said...

Thank you to McClatchy Watch, Walter Abbott and Archer 05 for all they do to correct MSM reporting bias and reduce the harm it does to our country.

I appreciate their nice words and return them in full measure.

Thanks also to other commenters here who help make this an outstanding blog.

Now I'm going to vote again for McClatchy Watch as Best Up and Coming Blog.

John in Carolina