Friday, January 9, 2009

Report: bankruptcy of former McClatchy newspaper "seems certain"

The union representing the Star Tribune's newsroom has broken off negotiations with management over concessions. The paper's owners have said that without concessions from all unions, they will file for bankruptcy. Click here for the details.


Archer05 said...

These follow-the-leader union workers need to dig into their paper’s morgue, and research the demise of Eastern Airline. In that case, the mechanics union tactically murdered their own employer. They forced the bankruptcy funeral, wailed at the unfairness of it all, cried crocodile tears, and looked for a handout.

It didn’t seem to occur to them that striking at that dire time, would further damage their financially stressed employer. Choosing that opportune time to flex their union muscles made perfect sense to them. The Star Tribune's union story today seems a parallel situation to me.

McClatchy Watch said...

Archer05 it will be interesting to see if the union has a change of heart and begs management to come back to the table.

Dave D. said...

..Not much of a metaphor my friend. The mechanics of Eastern had other airlines to work for, but the Strib pressmonkeys don't print electrons and are truly making 'buggywhips'. Why pull the bandaid off slowly ? Why not HUELGA and show those rich overseers you ain't gonna take it anymore. The paychecks, that is.

...I hear the Bureau of Printing and Engraving is looking to put on a 3rd shift.

Anonymous said...

My how have times changed. When the McClatchy's were alive and the papers were well, they had a very good working relationship with the unions. Now it is a union busting business. The unions don't want to make concessions and in some cases they had already given so many concessions there weren't any left. Then there's the problem with the union and the company as strange bed fellows. As for the buggywhips, ti is all a matter of how you see it. True the readership has dwindled, but there is still a place for the printed page. Too bad ALL the CEOs care about is the fat paycheck they "deserve". Who are the people taking care of these high mucky mucks? It's the workers! From the reporters and ad sales reps to the pressmen right down to the delivery folks...
It's too bad the unions don't see a positive solution to this crisis. They will end up like the San Francisco pressman's union and become so small and stagnant they will have to merge with another larger organization (Teamsters) just to stay afloat (if they haven't already).

Archer05 said...

In the Eastern case, the striking machinists, were joined by the pilots and flight attendants. The walkout by 8,500 machinists, mechanics and baggage handlers was supported by Eastern's 3,500 pilots and 5,900 flight attendants.

The union’s decision to strike, resulted in the grounding of the whole company. The remaining airlines could not absorb that many employees en masse.

“Kamikaze Union leaders-
…. declared the demise of Eastern Airlines to be a "victory" for all union workers everywhere.”

A side note: The unions raged at the [new] idea of [outsourcing] former union jobs to independent companies, as a way to cut expenses.

There is a cartoon depicting the union workers, still in strike attire, fist raised in solidarity, filing into the
** Unemployment Office.**

Anonymous said...

Another failed Gary Pruitt legacy.