Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fort Worth Star-Telegram to share sports news with competitor (updated)

Romenesko reports beginning next month, the Dallas Morning News will be responsible for basic coverage of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars that both papers will use, and the Star-Telegram will provide coverage of the Texas Rangers. Coverage of the Dallas Cowboys will not change. Click here for the full story.
Layoffs to be announced later this month? Hat tip: comments

Update: Memo from the publisher here


Archer05 said...

"Content sharing is the wave of the future, although is may not do much for readers?"
-Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today Share Content-
The Orlando Sentinel this week began a trial run of content-sharing…. [Although content sharing may not do much for readers,] it is the [wave of the future.] It helps newspapers cut costs by [not having to staff] and [maintain bureaus] in certain areas. The potential to [pool reports also cuts costs]…Other newspapers around the country are also taking this route.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how much longer til these newspapers just run AP stories.