Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Latest hard-hitting McClatchy piece on Obama: "Obama's fashion sophistication is cool yet correct"

Have the Truth to Power people have gone insane? McClatchy just published a fawning Obama piece by Halimah Abdullah on Obama's fashion sophistication, literally a cross between GQ Magazine and Teen Magazine. The descriptions in the article are enough to make somebody puke... "Obama radiates a certain stylistic sophistication..." "Obama has "a look that's both effortless and urbane..." My favorite: "Obama's tall, slim frame is a designer's dream..." The first 3 paragraphs:
President-elect Barack Obama radiates a certain stylistic sophistication that's at once Kennedyesque in its reverence for clean-cut, American style and modern in its confident embrace of a look that's both effortless and urbane. Just as President John F. Kennedy's affinity for looser two-button suits and his eschewing of hats revolutionized 20th-century menswear, Obama's post-baby boom approach to work wear — worn with hip-hop generation self-assurance — could transform how Americans view presidential fashion in the 21st century.

"Barack gives you this very simple slate. When you see him speak, you think of the man, not what he's wearing. But what he's wearing is important because it's the canvas he drapes himself in," said Jim Moore, the creative director at GQ magazine. "There's a very modern thinker there. He's not the pattern-mixing guy, not even the khaki guy. You'll very rarely even see him in jeans. He has an urbane, citified kind of palate. He has a vitality to him, and his image transcends race."

Obama's tall, slim frame is a designer's dream, and they've salivated over the idea of designing his inaugural attire. The president-elect buys his trademark dark suits and white shirts off the rack, but he's also been photographed wearing luxe Italian Ermenegildo Zegna suits and pieces from Chicago-based Hart Schaffner Marx, the midmarket suit-maker that designed Obama's inaugural tuxedo.

The piece goes on like this for several more paragraphs. No, Halima Abdullah isn't a fashion writer; she is supposedly a political correspondent at McClatchy.

What has happened to McClatchy?
P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters linked, thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I'm a straight guy with decent vision (and not into hero worship), but Sarah Palin is the one that really rocks my boat. Beauty, brains, personality, charisma and honesty; that lady is the total package.

Anonymous said...

if stuff like this bothers you I'm going to predict and long and tortuous 4 yrs for you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe less than four years.

By the way the Dem corruption is unfolding, Obamababoon could be impeached by February.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like to see articles like this. With every one, subscriptions decline.

Anonymous said...

“The piece goes on like this for several more paragraphs.”

Not without a barf bag in hand it doesn’t. Lucky I made it this far.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're hiring young, no-talent people who work cheap. This is about as sophomoric as it gets. Gag reflex kicking in...

Henry Louis Gomez said...


I voted for you and posted about your nomination at Herald Watch. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the writer is sexually attracted to Obama-not surprising considering the newsroom makeup of many papers today.

Anonymous said...

Total idiocy, I don’t think I can take this sort of blind worshiping for four years. I think some sort of BS meter, or alert system is needed. I can’t keep taking this kind of chance with my food supply.

o( '.' )o = BO Watch

Anonymous said...

Remember Guys and Gals -

If you have more than one computer, you can vote more than once a day. I didn't say that.

I lived in Chicago (Naperville actually) for ten years, so you have to forgive me.

Felonius Monk said...


This is the most pathetic crap I have ever seen parading as a serious blog.Get the fuck out of your mom's basement and stop your bizarre winger obsessions.

You fucktards are patehtic.

Anonymous said...

Bozo at 10:02.

Anonymous said...

I had lunch with a couple of friends today and one of them asked me if I had seen a particular ad in the newspaper (Wichita Eagle). I said "No, I don't take the paper anymore."

He about fell off his chair in shock, because I have always been a news hound and Eagle reader. I said I had let my (30-year) subscription lapse because many, many days over the last year I haden't even taken the thing out of the wrapper. My other friend admitted that she did the same thing! She said, "That's true. the paper is so thin! Plus they put the same stuff online for free."

Then I asked my friends if they were aware of the stock slide at McClatchy and the precarious position the company was in. Of course, neither was very aware -- although they have been noticing some of the coverage of U.S. newspaper problems in general.

After lunch I had phone call from a friend of mine who lives about 80 miles west of Wichita (in a rural area a few miles outside a town of 7,000) and he said the Eagle is no longer providing Sunday home delivery in rural areas outside of town (weekday delivery is long gone) AND that the Eagle won't MAIL it to them either, a service that used to be provided. Rural customers, therefore, have to go into town to pick up the Eagle every day of the week if they want a print copy. I'm sure most of the farmers and people who live in the rural areas in southcentral Kansas have some kind of internet access -- although for some, it's just dial-up.

(Note: Many people in this area of Kansas also take the Hutchinson News. I don't know if that paper is still providing home delivery to rural customers.)

This makes me hugely disappointed and angry at ALL the media. Why couldn't a local TV journalist, for example, do a story on the problems at McClatchy? I mean, Wichita's only daily newspaper is obviously struggling! Isn't that pretty big news?


Anonymous said...

It’s tough when the shoe is on the other foot. Until the internet and wonderful sites like this one, I had to force myself to read the media’s pathetically bias drivel.

But now that the hate America lemmings, like Felonious Monk, are cowering at the thought of getting secret sauce on their hand instead of newspaper ink, for their next calling, they don’t like it one bit.

Not to worry, the government will be hiring for the next four years

Anonymous said...

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