Monday, January 12, 2009

"McClatchy Obama Book" controversy gets more coverage in the blogosphere

Controversy over the "Obama Book" being published by the McClatchy Company seems to be picking up steam -- Sister Toldjah posted an entry on the book Sunday (and cross posted at Right Wing News).

The Obama book, as readers of my blog already know, is a compilation of articles and photos and exciting tidbits of information on The Messiah published by his boosters at McClatchy.

Can you feel the enthusiasm at McClatchy?

The story of Barack Obama's journey to the presidency. This 144-page, hard-cover, full-color book collects the best writing and photographs from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and its 30 newspapers. It presents one of the most compelling portraits ever of this unprecedented election.
Reserve your copy today!
The book is $22.95 for subscribers, plus $6.75 shipping. Price for non-subscribers: $27.95. If you order now, you get a FREE commemorative photo. The "Truth to Power" people at McClatchy are hawking Obama mugs, mousepads and t-shirts, too. Hallelujah!

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Anonymous said...

On Friday, the Wichita Eagle ran a full page b/w ad for four special sections it will be running each day Jan. 18 through 21. I guess the Eagle thinks one special section won't hold the tons and tons of advertising it is expecting. The Jan. 19 "special section" is tied to Martin Luther King Day. So be prepared for more of that. ...

I'm already so worn out from this. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Who'd want all this Obama crap, what with the economy tanking and B.O. telling us it's horrible and going to get worse. What a leader.

Anonymous said...

10:03: Yeah, great "leaders" don't tell us the truth, they lie and pander and exploit the easily deceived with lines like: "Freedom in on the march" and "Mission Accomplished" and "We don't torture." and "We don't spy on our citizens."

Anonymous said...

Anon. writes,"Yeah, great "leaders" don't tell us the truth."

Oh, right, and the newspapers have been printing the truth about President Bush all these years? Your tinfoil hat is too tight for even your empty head. If you have not realized that the media has given you your next president, then you are in for a great surprise. -Promises Not Kept- will become a daily headline.

Anonymous said...

I notice a thematic change from this blogs original November McClatchy’s/ Modesto Bee advertising of selling commemorative trinkets.

In November the postings were chest pounding right wing election sour grapes.

Now though, even the most hardened Kool-Aid drinking liberal reporters must see the inanity and one-sidedness of their Jim Jones’ corporate trinket selling venture.

Like the new york times recent, “November 4 was just the beginning” mailing blitz, even the feigned objectivity argument is but a back burner side dish no one wants to eat.

Now, ten days pre-crowning, they sense that the customer with the money left the station long, long ago. The proper focus now is how many trinkets are recycled or pushed out the door say on February 20?

That statistic, like their stock, advertising, or paper sales portends just how soon another leg of the diabetic sugar-happy McClatchy bender boys gets amputated.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 7:07 AM

That was an excellent post. The only thing that would have made it better, would be if you took a moniker, which is still anonymous, so I would not miss your future journalistic offerings.

Anonymous said...

Ethics and bias aside, this is a monumental embarrassment. C.K is rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Today on talk radio, the show host mentioned that weathermen are watching possible blizzard conditions that might dampen the spirits of the worshipers attending the Obama Inauguration Gala.

A caller actually said that the Lord will not let that happen. She has made plans, and no matter what, she will be watching the greatest day in our American history in person.

McClatchy might be able to print “Greatest day in our American history” on a mustard seed, enclose it in a giant ear stud, and market it to whackjobs. The proceeds can also be used to sort the garbage leftover from the glorious day for recycling.