Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Jan. 12 -- Got news or a question?

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Archer05 said...

Last December, At Seeking Alpha, Ken Doctor explained how the Stimulus Package[s] will help the newspaper industry by rescuing jobs, home sales, and auto sales, all big advertisers. He advises, “News-you-can-use journalism.”

However, I did not see any mention of returning integrity and unbiased reporting as one of the methods to keeping journalism alive.

For all his hoity-toity analysis, he missed why one segment of the public may not be interested in newspapers even for ads. Any webpage and a free glossy can deliver ads, who needs a whole expensive industry for that service?
-The Newspaper Recovery Classified Stimulus Act of 2009: Coming Soon?-

Jobs, cars, houses and condos. Those are what used to be the backbone of newspaper profits -- code name "classifieds -- until each of those markets got pecked away at by Internet competition and then chomped whole by the recession.

McClatchy Watch said...

Who knows. Maybe Ken Doctor wants newspapers around so they can give fluff coverage to the Obama presidency, the same way they acted as Obama Boosters during the campaign. Or maybe he wants newspapers around so they can carry ads for the Obama books that news organizations are producing. (Even Poynter.)

Archer05 said...

We have an excellent poster that keeps us informed on the ADN and its Palin Derangement Syndrome disease. There are 90 posts on the “Unhinged McClatchy Editor” article.

This link needs to be brought to our attention. This lame editor seems to think if he printed an AP report that is not correct, it has nothing to do with him. I need help here, did I read that correctly? What kind of a standard is that?
Jim62sch said...
The editor has now doubled down on his idiocy, publishing the full text of Governor Palin's e-mail complaint.

Jim62sch said...

And he's still at, even since last night:

Quote: It's only a "bizarre conspiracy theory" if you can demonstrate that it's untrue, which is why we wanted to document the truth.