Friday, January 23, 2009

McClatchy shares fall 8 percent Friday

McClatchy (MNI) shares fell 8 percent Friday, closing at 70 cents a share. Volume was light -- just 144,000 shares changed hands.


Archer05 said...

I guess 50 cents a share is the next firewall. With the bouncing around a few cents a day, this over/under a dollar, could go on a long time.

Nine days under one dollar so far, if you count Saturday and Sunday.
Do you count Sat. and Sun. when the market is closed?

McClatchy Watch said...

Archer05 - Good question... if I get an answer to that I might put a countdown clock on the blog showing the # of days under $1.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking the NYSE and NASDAQ measure time in, "Trading Days." I.E. Mondy though Friday excluding Holidays. By law they also cannot be closed for more than 72 hours just like a bank. This is the only time that weekends are counted. It is also the reason that there are so many, "short sessions."

McClatchy Watch said...

Thanks Anonymous 10:23

Archer05 said...

Some sort of calendar would be good to keep track. There have been several questions about the thirty days under one dollar, and we know that is variable on other conditions. I actually like tracking the difference in pennies. Who would think pennies would matter to anyone these days? One thing, MNI is now a stock I could afford to buy. Honestly speaking ‘Truth to Power,’ that would be ten shares.

1/15 = $0.94
1/16 = $0.81
1/17 = *****
1/18 = *****
1/19 = $0.81
1/20 = $0.75
1/21 = $0.76
1/22 = $0.76
1/23 = $0.70
1/24 = *****
1/25 = *****