Saturday, January 24, 2009

Modesto Bee hosts resume event next week... laid off Bee employees could not be reached for comment

A reader sent me to this link about a community resume event to be held at the Modesto Bee next week.

No word on whether the dozens of Modesto Bee employees who got pink slips this past year are invited.


Anonymous said...

We were not personally invited. It was spotted on Good Day Sacramento channel CW31. CW31 has hosted several of these events around Sacramento and has moved south to Stockton and Lathrop (at the Harley Davidson dealer)and now at the Modesto Bee. Modesto Bee has some partnership thing with CW31 and it's sister station channel 13 (CBS). I hope the other Modesto Bee former employees see it and attend just to piss them off or make them feel guilty. I plan on going! Who knows, I might even get a better job than the one I had at the Bee!

Anonymous said...

Negotiations were scheduled to start in January, did management get what they wanted? The concessions don’t sound good for professional journalists.
Sacramento Business Journal
-Union: McClatchy looking to axe pensions at Modesto Bee.-

*Management at the cash-strapped daily newspaper also are considering the right to use reporters and editors interchangeably with photographers, and want the flexibility [to hire part-timers, without benefits], to replace full-time workers as part of contract negotiations, according to the guild.