Sunday, January 4, 2009

McClatchy's Palin Obsession continues unabated

Some people at McClatchy can't help themselves -- the latest evidence of McClatchy's Palin Obsession is posted on McClatchy's main web site: Levi Johnston's apprenticeship may be illegal

Levi Johnston is 18. Why can't McClatchy leave him alone?

Notice there is no byline to the McClatchy story. I'm guessing some McClatchy reporter wanted this news posted but was too embarrassed to attach his/her name to the story. If anybody has info on the reporter who posted this, send me the info so I can follow up. (McClatchy subscribers are entitled to know which McClatchy reporter posted this, aren't they?)

UPDATE -- Let's be honest about what is going on: McClatchy journalists are stalking teenagers.


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Anonymous said...

Well, that's it then. Sarha Palin needs to be impeached and removed from office, imprisoned, tortured and sent to New York City to have her deviant conservative personality reintegrated and adjusted.

She needs to confess her crimes in public and face the outrage of her fellow citizens. Ostracized and banished, ridiculed and humiliated, broken and humble she needs to dedicate her life to working for social change and become a community organizer.

May God have mercy on her soul.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of gaffes and goofs to print about Caroline Kennedy. So when are they going to report them?

Anonymous said...

Typical MS buffoonery masquerading as real journalism. The reporter must have Enquirer aspirations. (Although these days the Enquirer may be relevant that most MSM outlets...)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Caroline “You know” Kennedy’s married name? Did she drop Schlossberg for the Obama endorsement and free Senate seat? What’s in a name anyway? Free water under the bridge swimming passes, for one thing!