Sunday, January 4, 2009

Enticing new subscribers: Charlotte Observer offers airline miles to new subscribers

Here's the latest trick to entice people to subscribe to a McClatchy newspaper: if you subscribe to the Charlotte Observer, you can earn 2,100 US Airways miles the first year. Click here for the details.
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Credman said...

I generally enjoy your posts and "the news I wouldn't find anywhere else" but using a word like "trick" is not appropriate. Papers, and just about every other retail product, uses a wide variety of promotions to encourage sales. It seems like you jump on any McC paper that tries anything to increase their circ numbers.

Anonymous said...

Actually, "trick" is giving the benefit of the doubt. The more appropriate word is, "Fraud" or "Flim Flam."

An alleged, "public service" with a self determined, "constitutional mandate", under the guise of "independent journalism" has an obligation beyond that of just any "Retail Product."

That is part of the problem. They pretend to be something other than what they are, then snivel and whine about being picked on when the truth is, they are just another corporate propaganda outlet trying to spread their ideology and trick you into paying for it.

Climb off you sanctimonious high horse and understand that people generally know when a company is trying to trick them.

Anonymous said...

The good news: Charlotte Observer offers airline miles to new subscribers

The bad news: The offer is only good on Eastern Airline

Anonymous said...

I would like to go back to real journalism that really matters and stay away from gimmicks. That is why we are in this shape ecomonically. If Newspapers had been covering the real news (The Sham of Wall Street) instead of Hollywood crap, people would not have been fooled by the conspiracy between the Bush Administration and people like Madoff. News is not about the high and mighty dollar, but about "The Truth".

Good Newpaper Jounalism is the protector of "The Truth".