Monday, January 12, 2009

Will the collapse of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer help the Seattle Times ride out the recession?

Will the expected demise of the Seattle P-I help the Seattle Times survive? Frank Blethen, CEO and publisher of the Seattle Times, says it will.
"If the P-I does close and the JOA ends, it will enhance the chances that The Seattle Times can survive the recession even though our continued operation will require additional sacrifices by its employees and owners.

"The JOA structure is inefficient and has been a significant part of the deep losses experienced at both papers.

"Long term, post-recession, we believe single metro newspapers/Web sites will be viable businesses, and more importantly, significant community assets providing a sense of place, news, community connection and watchdog journalism. While we have always believed that a locally owned newspaper is a special asset to its community, The Seattle Times has limited resources to ride out the recession. We have committed to do everything we can to preserve The Seattle Times as a local independent newspaper."
Take Blethen's statement with a grain of salt, since Blethen has an obvious motive to paint a rosy picture of his paper. The Post-Intelligencer has 117,00 subscribers; it will be interesting to see what the Seattle Times offers them to subscribe to the Times. FYI, McClatchy has a 49% stake in The Seattle Times.

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Anonymous said...

If San Francisco can be used as an appropriate example, the answer is a resounding failure.

We had the Examiner and the Chronicle. The Examiner went to a free format some years back, and as of about a month ago, at least where I live, their news racks were empty, and now are gone.

Being a fresh one paper town, you’d think the Chronicle should (choking) thrive. But obvious to all, they are failing.

Their quarterly numbers are usually and consistently down 10 percent. The papers content, sans advertising, is embarrassingly (forgive the pun) paper thin.

Speaking of content, perusing (never buying) a full copy at a Starbucks sale rack, they have few staff articles, and mostly are a cut and paste from the AP or a Times label.

So despite being a one horse town, the Chronicle is still an utter failure. Call it a “Steve Austin” of a tired glue horse cut and paste of a nag.

So if Seattle’s Marxists are as generous as San Francisco’s, your one horse town paper will fail.

Anonymous said...

Much like the adage that the newspaper business is "cyclic"; and that it will always cycle back up..

Going from a two paper town to a one paper town just means that last newspaper gets to say the last goodbye.

Anonymous said...

As bad as McClatchy is, those wonderful folks who gave us the Post-Intelligencer are even farther to the left.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say they were farther to the left, they're just stacked with militant homosexuals that are proud of being loud, obnoxious and dishonest. There simply isn't any way possible for someone to be farther left than McClatchy. They openly support enemies of their own country in Hamas, Chavez, Castro, Radical Muslims, Terrorists of any sort.

McClatchy is beyond any doubt, noting more that a collective of totally dedicated, American Hating subversives that have one objective. To destroy the country that gives them the freedom that it does.

Anonymous said...
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