Monday, January 5, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Remembering our Kwanzaa discussion, Patterico’s Pontications sums up this year’s celebration. There is a hilarious poem in the comments, and one comment that sums it up well: “Roughly translated, Kwanzaa means; “Some chumps will believe anything.”

-“Kwanzaa 2008” -
Alternative celebrations deserve respect, don’t ya know?

Blondzaa Celebration Update:
The seven days of the Blondzaa Celebration was met with skepticism at first. However, being an equal opportunity holiday, Blondzaa welcomed all colors of haired persons to participate. Now, non-blondes are ‘dyeing’ to get into the manufactured event.

The first fruits of the celebration revolved around restoring their rootedness to blonde. The ancient blonde culture was celebrated with the seven principals of debunking blonde jokes.

The seven symbols of Blondzaa were divided equally into classes.

1. Dancing: ‘Natural’ blondes only (a lively group of one)

2. Music: Choosing the proper music for hole discovery during body piercing

3. Crafting: Gourd utensils 101, BYOG

4. Hair Care: Cornrow styling ideas, with free male extensions

5. Tattoo Parlor: Private parts tattoo appreciation, Warning, graphics by Rhonda

6. Jewelry/Earrings: Choosing the largest diamond ear studs, complimentary zircons

7. Art: Graffiti drawing lessons, erroneously referred to as property destruction in the police reports

The appropriate cultural food was catered by some Foxy blondes from a newsworthy location.

Until next Year: ‘Hownutsisthiscelebration’ which in Blondhili translation means
‘See Ya Next Year Idiots’

Anonymous said...

They are really slipping!