Sunday, January 4, 2009

A respected news organization? (updated)

Check out the results of this Google search. Or this one. McClatchy has entered supermarket tabloid territory.

UPDATE -- Let's be honest about what is going on: McClatchy journalists are stalking teenagers.
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Anonymous said...

The McClatchy so-called journalists are stalking Gov. Palin. There is no other word for what they are doing. It certainly is not newsgathering. It wasn’t enough to harass a teenager because she was pregnant, now they are hounding the young father of the baby as well.

The hypocrisy of a newspaper that doesn’t even ask a question about BO’s birth certificate, or associations with reprehensible characters, and yet thinks character assassination of a teenage girl is gleeful.

McClatchy has become a sorry tabloid you say? That is an insult to honest, sorry tabloids.

Anonymous said...

You want to know the truth, The National Enquirer has broken more legitimate news than all McClatcy outlets combined over the past year. It is almost as if they switched rolls.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a so-called respected new organization?

-'NYT' Sells First Front-Page Ads-
By Jennifer Saba
Editor & Publisher

NEW YORK, The New York Times began selling front-page display ads, a first for the paper…
As Prince would sing: “Sign 'O' the Times” and I add, not a good sign for the deadwood media.