Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No need for you to order McClatchy's Obama book... (updated)

If you want to see the inauguration chapter of McClatchy's Obama Book, I have it for you -- click here. UPDATE 8:00 PM: the link now requires a login and password. I was able to open the PDF without a password this afternoon. I still feel the glow after seeing it this afternoon.

McClatchy is hawking the book for $22.95 for subscribers, $27.95 for non-subscribers. Plus $6.75 shipping. But folks, you don't need to order it; I'll give you the links to see it online if you want to see it. I'm here for you.

If you want other Obama trinkets from McClatchy (Obama mouse pads, Obama t-shirts, Obama mugs, Obama aprons), click here.


Anonymous said...

Very smart post. Hats off to this blog.

But like yesterday’s post, describing the nutty professor opening a Marxist coffee shop for his students, then going bankrupt because they bled him dry, I wonder how many MNI Marxists buy the book?

Any takers? Come on, you might collectively get to stay an extra week on the company dime if you all buy this once in a lifetime keep sake?

McClatchy Watch said...

Based on my trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday, I'd say the market is over saturated with Obama books that are already on the shelves.

Gary Pruitt and his team of overpaid execs will buy several books each.

Anonymous said...

The big seller is the soap on a rope. Makes a great gift to keep fellow travelers and loved ones true in prison.

Anonymous said...

Reading that book would be like a form of torture. Isn’t torture outlawed now? Perhaps we could use it to 'readerboard' information out of terrorist prisoners. Nah, that would be too mean.

Archer05 said...

Bernie Goldberg’s book
‘A Slobbering Love Affair:….”
is #7 on NYT- Hot New Releases in Books, already.
(I’ll bet the libs hate that.)

Also, Ann Coulters’s ‘Guilty’ is number 2 on NYT BS list. She is burning up the charts, and some of the MSM don‘t want to even give her time to promote her book. (I'll bet the libs hate that even more.)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t buy a book about Barry Soetoro if it was ten cents.

Anonymous said...

Although I LOVE the comments, I notice that the usual MNI suspects have yet to chime in.

I suspect sales are horrible.

Switching gears, when MNI does go to the great sewer below, I wish you patriotic journalists, like the ones who posted above, only the best.

Anonymous said...

You write:
“If you want to see the inauguration chapter of McClatchy's Obama Book, I have it for you -- click here.

Is that a trick -- click here?
I have my bullshit protector enabled and it won’t open.

McClatchy Watch said...

Anonymous 7:02 -- They now require a login with a password to see the chapter.

I guess I was one of the lucky few who saw it before they set up a password requirement.

I feel blessed.

Anonymous said...

I just can’t read another lie about obama. I think it has given me a permanent aversion to these made-up crappers. I won’t be able to browse in a remainder book bin for months.

Anonymous said...

I feel blessed, also, that my bullshit protector worked! Man, that was a close one.

I'm joking, I would no more look at that crappy chapter, than I would buy a crappy newspaper.

Anonymous said...

If you want really unique Oblabla memento, contact the Modesto Bee where for only $20.00 you can buy a Jan 21 page one printing plate...I ain't kiddin' ya folks, this has gotta be a keeper!

Anonymous said...

This book and knickknacks sales pitch seems like a last ditch effort for income before the fall. After a couple of years of selling a fake person, McClatchy ends their company by hawking a tribute to their fake person. There has to be a moral lesson in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ah gee, I was hoping to buy the book with the dividends from my McClatchy stock. Yesterday's news took care of that idea. Now I'll have to sell the stock in order to make a down payment on the book. Rats!!