Saturday, January 10, 2009

No proofreaders at the Kansas City Star?

This is a screenshot from the KC Star web site yesterday. "Burlary" is probably similar to “assult," according to O'Neil at State of the Line. Photo via State of the Line


Anonymous said...

Where is that little McClatchy weasel that froths over every little misstep here? Under the garbage stack fast asleep, or in a rubber room banging his head on the wall.

Weasel: [Breathless excitement]
McClatchy Watch has put a comma in the wrong place. I must blog at once. Oh goodie, I get to write something saucy.

The KC Scar makes a sophomoric error, and Weasel says nothing. That guy is creepy, but then, being laid off is not easy. A creepier thing is that he doesn’t realize part of the reason he is laid off. Buddy, get a life, save a tree, or something.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it helps if one switches their computer to English language instead of Pig Latin...OYAY AKAY!

Dave D. said...

..Not so bad for a guy or gal who grew up speaking Urdu, Hindi or Tagalog. I'll be the boogy woogy burglar boys of Cellblock B didn't catch it.

Anonymous said...

Some bloggers watching the Red Star have said to take a screenshot ASAP when noting an error. They say the Scar will simply make changes, and not make a formal correction. That way, the original readers would not be informed that what they read was erroneous. Forewarned is forearmed I guess. Citizen editors, it’s happening, KC Red Star, be forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
A simple spell check, that would make sense. Why not take a few minutes and get it right? And, where is the editor? Maybe they are a flyby night operation. It also could be some good people are so pushed they can’t do their job correctly. I don’t rule that out whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Archer05...Yep most likely over worked, understaffed and underpaid!
As far as screen shots, GOOD IDEA. I posted a comment to a Modesto Bee story and it was on their site for about 4 hours, then mysteriously disappeared AND I was banned from posting for a week...SHAME ON ME for telling the truth about McClatchy layoffs on their own site!
(BTW if they use Mozilla it automatically spell checks!)

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:23 PM
You were banned for telling the truth about layoffs? The more I learn about layoff and buyouts, the more questions I have. Not that it would bother me, but did you use ‘salty’ words they could use as a reason to erase your message of truth? I once used the word ‘pissed’ which today is commonly used for angry, and lost my posting rights.

Howard Weaver used the ‘F’ word recently, and that has expanded what is accepted blog language. I am certain McClatchy picks and chooses when they are offended by language, to ‘adjust’ the comments of truth.