Friday, January 9, 2009

Unhinged McClatchy editor sends reporter to investigate loopy Palin conspiracy theory, blames other nutcases when Palin calls him out

When it comes to Sarah Palin, people at McClatchy seems to have thrown out journalistic standards. Latest evidence: The Anchorage Daily News sent a reporter out to investigate the loopy conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin.

Investigative reporter Lisa Demer was dispatched to look into whether Sarah Palin actually gave birth to Trig.  Demer talked to people in state government, medical people, the school district. I wouldn't be surprised if she went through through the dumpsters around Wasilla. When the word got back to Palin, her office issued a press release smacking down the nutcase rumor-mongers, including the Anchorage Daily News. From the press release:

"... Meanwhile, bloggers, the Atlantic magazine and even the Anchorage Daily News continue to give credence to the sensational allegation that the governor’s child, Trig, is not hers.

“As a public official, I expect criticism and I expect to be held accountable for how I govern,” Gov. Palin said. “But the personal, salacious nature of recent reporting, and often the refusal of the media to correct obvious mistakes, unfortunately discredits too many in journalism today, making it difficult for many Americans to believe what they see in the media.”
After Palin's smackdown, ADN executive editor Pat Dougherty (above) printed a lame response in the Anchorage Daily News.  First he said he never believed the rumors. Then -- and here's the choice part -- he blamed other nutcases for forcing his newspaper to do a story on the rumor.

"I want to be very clear on this: I have from the beginning and do now consider the conspiracy theories about Trig's birth to be nutty nonsense.

"If that's true, why has Lisa Demer been asking questions about Trig's birth?

"Because we have been amazed by the widespread and enduring quality of these rumors. I finally decided, after watching this go on unabated for months, to let a reporter try to do a story about the "conspiracy theory that would not die" and, possibly, report the facts of Trig's birth thoroughly enough to kill the nonsense once and for all."

So the paper tries to hype up a discredited rumor by doing a story on the rumor. And when called out by Palin, the editor blames nutcases for for forcing him to act like a crazy man. Isn't that beautiful? (Photo: Rich Jordan/KTUU-TV) Hat tip: email.


Anonymous said...

You know, I find your irrational McClatchy-hating posts intermingled with pathetic begging for votes in an obscure blog competition to be nothing less than surreal. Keep up the good "work."

Anonymous said...

To the contrary. I find YOUR truth to power blog, about these McClatchy idiots, so very refreshing.

And while I am at it, since my 24 hour voting period is up again, let me cast another "Truth to Power" vote your way.

They dished it, but can't take it, can they?

McClatchy Watch said...

Anonymous 8:45 -- this guy can't stop himself from reading my blog several times a day.

Josh Painter said...

I blogged on your post here and urged my readers to vote for your excellent blog. Keep up the good work!

- JP

Harcharan said...

I want to be very clear on this: I have from the beginning and do now consider the conspiracy theories about Trig's birth to be nutty nonsense. - Pat Dougherty

I want to be very clear on this: Pat Dougherty is a fruitcake and I suspect he thinks himself to be a leprechaun. He could do with some investigating - Lisa you know what to do wink wink

Anonymous said...

Mate this web site is like being in the back row at the movies eating malteesers while watching McClatchy re arrange the deck chairs on the big screen.!! You get my vote!

Anonymous said...

I showed this on HotAir, as I am an Alaskan. Fagan is a nut... he actually said on his radio show, that to stop starvation in Ethiopia was for the people to EAT their own children.

Looking to start my own blog, due to the non-stop stupid irrational BS being spread in a freaking newspaper and by Fagan, Keep up the good work on your end.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous 8:45 is here on and off throughout the day. Your blog is a great read, and I derive great satisfaction from it.

Each new day, when your Blog exposes more McClatchy smoke and mirrors I laugh.

And when some blindly bitter Marxist, soon to be ex-journalist, cries out how just unfair your Blog is, I also laugh.

When their was no internet, no other real outlet to act as checks and balances, and when they passed their bias filth off as journalism, I suppose they smugly laughed too.

Ironically though, and the sweetest irony, is that these dead heads will never understand why they are all going under. And for that, I laugh too. It’s the ultimate oxymoron.

But now that the end-game is oh so close now, (no pension, no benefits, company stock kissing zero, meager job prospects, no liberal stage to shout out onto), they aren’t laughing now. Are you? So you see, either way I laugh.

But I applaud your Blog for its “Truth to Power”, and for using your capitalistic skill to create new opportunities for yourself. I wish you the best.

Dave D. said...

...Loooong, coooold, snowy dark nights and only a few twilight hours of dim sunlight...I see how this could happen. This editor hears voices we don't hear, see's things we don't see down south. It's not pretty, and it's not the least bit funny, but it makes McClatcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee look pretty funny, and that's why they are coming to TAKE THEM AWAYYYYYY !!!

Anonymous said...

So, the McClatchy idea of journalism, is tracking down a lie, so they can reinforce the lie, while denying the lie, was their lie?

Too bad that same due diligence was not applied to BO’s shady background, and his lack of qualifications, which were NOT lies.

McClatchy Watch said...

Josh Painter, thanks. And thanks for the link on your blog.

Jim62sch said...

If I can get 100 people to send an e-mail to the ADN claiming that the Apollo moon landings were fake or that Bush blew up the World Trade Center, will Lisa go investigate it?

Tools. They had to issue a correction about Levi Johnston being ineligible for his job. Of course they did that after they had already harassed him into quitting.

Anonymous said...

Is Anon. January 9, 2009 8:39 AM post from a McCrappie IP? Seems he posted fairly early this AM, in fact the first post here. What a butt wipe...Wait, didn't someone use that phrase earlier on another post? Truth to power...POWER IN THE TRUTH!
Keep up the fantastic work. (Let's start a conspiracy theory and forward it to ADN. We can say that the demise of the McClatchy chain is a conspiracy started by the Republican National Convention!)

Jim62sch said...

The comments on Dougherty's blog post are absolutely infested with deranged posters from Palin's Deceptions, and other Trig Truther sites.

The comments at the ADN are always infested with Palin-haters. It's pretty sickening. Doesn't this turn off the actual Alaskans who subscribe to the paper?

Anonymous said...

The majority of those comments are from McClatchy employees, mostly from the San Francisco area.

How appropriate, my word verification code is CHAVA! Kind of sums it up.

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't this turn off the actual Alaskans who subscribe to the paper?"

Hey Jim, what's up? There's a contributor over at RedState from Alaska (he's not a Palin fan) and he says that all the ADN posters now are Outsiders, and that they've run off all the Alaskans who used to post over there (including him, I think) except for one or two. He's pretty annoyed about it, and pretty disgusted by their constant hate and attacks (and this from a guy who doesn't like her). I think that the ADN has been reading Trig Truther Central myself.

Sandra said...

Palin could halt this whole thing by producing a birth certificate and/or a sworn doctor's statement that she gave birth on April 18, 2008. If you can encourage her to do this the "nut cases" would back off.

sandra in oregon

Jim62sch said...

Sandra in Oregon, Palin's doctor released a statement on November 3rd that said, among other things, that Palin was the mother. The loony Trig Truthers simply claim that the letter was coerced or is a forgery.

No evidence is good enough for those insane people.

Anonymous said...

Psssst..... Trig was born in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog.

Take a look at Dougherty's responses to comments on his blog. He's is rattled.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Levi Johnston. I would not be surprised to see him exit this whole circus. He is still a teenager, and what young person would expect the media massacre of their family?

The story about his mother was discredited, his job allegations were discredited, but the damage has been done. As long as Gov. Palin is in politics, it will not matter where he goes, he will be news for the insane tabloids, masquerading as newspapers.

KaJo said...


1) That doctor you refer to has totally disappeared, vanished, hasn't been heard from since -- Sarah Palin's personal witness protection program?

2) The document that you refer to is cobbled together from an online Prov.HealthSystem logo, not prepared through Prov.HealthSystem (I used to work for PHS). The PFD that's been on the Internet shows printing that's not lined up with either the logo or the paper edge. No wonder there's doubt.

3) All anyone has done is "say" Palin is Trig's mother, and not a whole lot of them will actually commit themselves to that. Nothing certified (like a birth certificate).

4) There's a picture of Palin with Joe Parrish at a ServeAlaska swearing-in ceremony 4/10/08 that shows her stomach to be protruding about 3 inches less than it did in the "proof" pictures 4/13/08.

4) There are no pictures of Palin with her baby in the hospital bed 4/18/08 (like most mothers want for their scrapbook), no sign whatsoever 3 days later when she went to her office that she'd delivered a baby the size of a sack of sugar (you know, like "ouch" when walking?). There's a video available on YouTube.

5) There are no signs from the pictures that ARE available of the baby that he was premature on 4/18/08, and what doctor and parents in their right minds would discharge a premature DS baby the day after he was born???? Not even insurance companies and hospital discharge planning requirements would force this.

6) Despite all the third-hand information put forth about Bristol Palin's baby from relatives who haven't seen the baby themselves, there were no background baby noises from either Trig or Tripp in that Ziegler interview. He surely would have mentioned it if he'd seen the Tripp baby "in the next room".

There's a lot of smoke but no fire in Sarah Palin's claims about Trig, Bristol, and Tripp. And all of you seem to be suffering from smoke inhalation.

Anonymous said...

Nothing you tell these conspiristas will change their mind.
An example thanks to William Shakespeare

Come on, i' God's name; once more toward our father's.
Good Lord, how bright and goodly shines the moon!


The moon! the sun: it is not moonlight now.


I say it is the moon that shines so bright.


I know it is the sun that shines so bright.


Now, by my mother's son, and that's myself,
It shall be moon, or star, or what I list,
Or ere I journey to your father's house.
Go on, and fetch our horses back again.
Evermore cross'd and cross'd; nothing but cross'd!


Say as he says, or we shall never go.


Forward, I pray, since we have come so far,
And be it moon, or sun, or what you please:
An if you please to call it a rush-candle,
Henceforth I vow it shall be so for me.


I say it is the moon.


I know it is the moon.


Nay, then you lie: it is the blessed sun.


Then, God be bless'd, it is the blessed sun:
But sun it is not, when you say it is not;
And the moon changes even as your mind.
What you will have it named, even that it is;
And so it shall be so for Katharina.

Anonymous said...

"KaJo said..."
Oh, look: A Troofer. McClatchy Watch you better watch out, you're going to be flooded with them soon. If one has found out that you've blogged about this the rest of them will know soon, and will be trying to spread their conspiracy over here.

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe I’m reading this stupid questions about the Palin babies. Why would Gov. Palin do any of these things? A sane person might ask that question.

Every allegation the loons hatched so far has been discredited. Even hopeless moonbats should have moved on by now.

The ADN is going down the tubes as we write. Becoming a third class tabloid didn’t do much for them. Who feels sorry for a bunch of thuggish goons? Let them eat the crap they print.

Joe said...

Keep up the good work.. We need to expose this liberal rag called news....

Anonymous said...

upinak says, Looking to start my own blog....lives in Alaska...

Get er done, and come back!

Anonymous said...

"Even hopeless moonbats should have moved on by now."

Ah, but that's why they're moonbats. Palin could release a high resolution video of the birth and her medical records dating back to her first vaccinations and they would enfold that into their conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I think the McClatchy peeps are writing the garbage on this blog. It isn’t enough that they have ruined the integrity of a whole industry, they seem to feel the need to ruin everything they touch.

I like to read the junk the little weasels write, everyone else looks like a blooming genius compared to these jerks.

Anonymous said...

Why aren’t these freaks interested in Barry’s black lungs from smoking for years? Blue lips aren’t the sign of someone in great health.

The lame media would have waxed eloquent about the beauty of blue lips framing white, white teeth, blah, blah, blah.

There were hundreds of questions about BO that should have been asked.
Instead these so-called professionals prowled around dumpsters in Alaska. How low can these bums go? To the soup lines it would seem.

Anonymous said...

The ADN can’t even quality as a tabloid. The sort of tripe that dribbles out of their cesspool press is beyond low class. These clueless creeps think they can malign a decent person, and the public at large will welcome their lies and filth. A profession that has fallen into such a dark hole is a sad commentary on the people of the USA.

Anonymous said...

The liberal rags are in a suicide mode. Who can argue with that? Killing themselves off. It seems like there is something poetic about that.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Write shit like that
And off yourself too

Anonymous said...

Loon says about Palin baby:
“Nothing certified (like a birth certificate.)”

We have a moonbat asking about a birth certificate for Gov. Palin’s baby?

Where is BO’s valid birth certificate? That must really give you the heebie-jeebies. How can you figure these loons? Who would want to?

Jim62sch said...

Wow, Dougherty is really rattled at the comments people are leaving in that thread criticizing him. He's actually leaving responses arguing with the posters.

He doesn't say anything about the unhinged nutballs from Palin's Deceptions that are linkspamming his newspaper's website, though.

Anonymous said...

If Dougherty doesn’t know how far off base this story was, then things are even worse than we thought. He deserves to lose his job, as does all the slimes involved in yellow journalism. McClatchy is going down the tubes. Dougherty is not being honest about that.

Jim62sch said...

This screenshot looks almost nothing like the photo that Mr. Dougherty uses on his blog at ADN.

Is he using a really old photo there, or does being in front of a TV camera really add pounds?

Anonymous said...

Leftist loon says, “irrational McClatchy-hating posts”

Isn’t it odd that the crazies can say anything about Gov. Palin, but if bloggers point out the lunacy of the McClatchy newspapers, it is irrational? It just shows you how nuts these people really are. Scary as hell, that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

So we have a global economy sliding into a pit. A national economy headed in the opposite direction of the unemployment rate. A new Administration, that doesn't have clue. Corporate Media dying the death of denial...

And all this attention expended upon a birth rumor, about the second chair loser of last year's election?

Newspapers will die.. but four years from now, our problems will be so overwhelming that some Governor's with baggage should tally about 50.

Jim62sch said...

You've really rattled Dougherty - he's signing his blog posts as "Pat 'the Unhinged' Dougherty" now.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing irrational about hating McClatchy. Here's hoping backruptcy is looming. I can't think of a more deserving newspaper chain.

Anonymous said...

FreeRepublic links to a GretaWire post:
Who do you Most admire?

Gov. Palin is kicking ass with 63% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Today’s idiom for an idiot:

Dougherty is-

‘whistling past the graveyard’

Reading the names on the tombstones:

Anchorage Daily Snooze

KS Red Star

Sacramento Beast

Modesto Maggot

Anonymous said...

The very fact that this Pat Dougherty is even in a newspaper building, let alone a dreck editor is mystifying to me. Pat Douche Bag, should have been writing about the radio scum maligning the Governor of Alaska. Instead, he gives the jackass credence, free advertisement, and then lamely hides his hatred behind a faux story.

Patty D. is writing the dreck, and is so stupid he can’t even edit unsubstantiated dishonesty. McClatchy has no standards or integrity left, or anything else the public should buy, for that matter. Get the hell out of my face dinosaurs!

Anonymous said...

Anon. wrote about, FreeRepublic’s link to a GretaWire post:
Who do you Most admire?

I linked to Gretawire and voted. First Lady Laura Bush is also on the list. I wanted to vote for her, but seeing Sarah Palin ‘KICK ASS’ is more fun.

FreeRepublic has three articles about Governor Palin. What are these moonbats so afraid of already? Female loons seem the most hateful. What hypocrites they are. Picking and choosing certain females to exult, is so radical feminist-like. ‘You’ve come a long way baby’ - my ass.

Anonymous said...

One more sad note about this Dough Boy dreg, some young and talented journalists were probably shitcanned, and this heap of dung remains to watch over the ADN implosion.

John A said...

The ADN has never been in favor of Gov. Palin, even before she decided to run for Governor.

But neither has it always been entirely against her. When the MSM of the "lower 48" was printing stories about her "soccer mom" lack of experience, the ADN criticised them and pointed out some of her hands-on experience - especially with respect to energy issues (eg, that pipeline the energy companies are building and using to say the one she negotiated to have a Canadian company build is therefore a wasteful and unnecessary gesture - as the ADN pointed out, the companies refused to even talk about the matter for over a decade - but six months after the Governor made it look like she might actually get one built, suddenly the companies announced they would build one...).

So, I would not be too quick to conclude that the ADN is NOT gathering evidence to abosultely and conclusively show the "It`s the other one`s kid" idiocy. After all, some of the MSM is still uncritically talking about the "plastic turkey" business.

Anonymous said...

ADN- Featuring Manufactured News

I was thinking of Dan Rather’s sidekick Mary Mapes. She slogged on for five years to find a forged document of a thirty year old record of P. Bush.

If the ADN loons dig and scrounge around long enough, someone will forge something for them. The deluded fools do not realize we are on to them.

An Alaskan blogger wrote that the whole Troopergate garbage was a union-driven, non-story to harm Gov. Palin. They also noted that the fact that these so-called troopers have sworn to uphold the law. I didn’t read that even one of these upstanding law enforcement officers found the gonads to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why does it not occur to every sane person, that the extreme biasness of the media has shaped many more elections than we care to admit?

I regret that President Bush has been viciously attacked for eight years, and even now, it is mostly bloggers that are holding the MSM’s corruption up to the sunlight.

What the ADN is doing represents just a tiny iceberg in a ocean of disgrace, but the USS McClatchy is steaming full speed ahead, right toward the big one.

Anonymous said...

That first poster that found this blog surreal must be lifting off the ground on little tiny wings. You can always tell an unhinged dingbat from the other batty loons.

Anonymous said...

In Anchorage, Daily News Editor Patrick Dougherty remembers fondly the time Pruitt called to thank him personally for being one of the few editors to make budget.

"At the risk of sounding like a complete sycophant, and maybe it sounds like I'm kissing the butt of my superiors, but I have tremendous respect for the people who run McClatchy," says Dougherty. ["Gary Pruitt is a brilliant visionary.] He's as ethical as he could be.[He cares about journalism.]]

“ You couldn't get me out of McClatchy at the point of a gun."
Pat my boy, how about not pulling in a salary? Would that get you out?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of problems with your article! First of all, it is NOT a "LOONY theory" nor is the reporter who went "LOONY" nor is the editor. You sound more loony then them!!! I am slightly joking in this last sentence. The point is, how do you know that the rumors about Trigg and Tripp are not true? If you know, then you are one of the only ones who know the real circumstances of their births because the Palins have not been forthcoming in making the facts public. They could VERY EASILY in two seconds stop all rumors by doing a few things, yet they choose not to? To me, that is the looniest of the loons!

Anonymous said...

How about BO showing us his birth certificate. There are certainly a lot more people interested in where he was born. Hell, why doesn't just put an end to the questions? Maybe because he needs to hide the truth, ya think?

Anonymous said...

Why the questions about the Palin babies in the first place? Why are loons so interested in this birth certificate, but not Obama’s origin of birth? Rather loony I would say.

Palin’s baby has nothing to do with her being eligible to be VP, but Obama being born in Kenya makes him ineligible to be president of the USA. Rather odd to obsess on one, and ignore the other. Loony, I would think so. The ADN is a sleazebag, normal folks have figured that out, but then loons need someplace to loonisize together.

Anonymous said...

"January 10, 2009 5:00 PM"
Stop bothering the decent people here, and go back to your Troofer page.

Anonymous said...

Wingnut, listen to yourself,“ do you know that the rumors about Trigg and Tripp are not true?” You are embarrassing yourself. Why would you care? Only an obsessed nutcase would even ask such a thing. You voted for Obama, and knew nothing about him. Well we did know a few things, all questionable. You question two babies, and not a Chicago politician. Scary!

lnthomp said...

It does seem a bit odd to have all this negative attention focussed on a woman who has, by all accounts, the highest approval rating of any governor in the country, and no curiosity at all about the birth or business and political dealings of the man we've just elected as President. As the Democrats like to say, it's not the nature of the evidence, it's the seriousness of the charge. If Sarah Palin lied about being Trig's mother, it might have some affect on the people of Alaska. Who else really cares? If Obama and his family lied about where he was born, and lied about his involvement with a wide variety of rumored shady business, it affects the whole country because he is about to be President. What kind of other shady dealings is he going to be doing?

Anonymous said...

The Anchorage Daily News has become just a shell of a newspaper. Everyone knows they are just another arm of the McClatchy Democrats. Hopefully the people of Alaska that will not stand for lies and deception that are foisted on them in the name of news reporting.

Some people call the paper the ‘The Scandal a Day Tabloid.’ One thing you can’t blame them for, is letting facts get in the way of scandalizing innocent people. They will ruin lives to get the political advantage. A newspaper’s death is sometimes deserved. When is the wake?

Anonymous said...

lnthomp said...
“What kind of other shady dealings is he going to be doing?”

Selling snake oil on the side, might be one shady thing he will be doing. The word is the brand he sells is named ACORN, and the Gov. of Illinois is his best customer.

Anonymous said...

Shady things Obama might be doing? Everything about him is shady.

Anonymous said...

The loon says, “the Palins have not been forthcoming in making the facts public.” Why would you expect decent women to even entertain answering such a stupid question?

80% of the people in Alaska approve of Gov. Palin, and the nutjobs just can’t stand that. I see the loony ADN is already cheerleading for the Democrat planning to run for Governor. Hopefully the paper will be kaput long before they can ply their dishonest trade again.

Jim62sch said...

How long before Dougherty is standing in the streets of Anchorage holding up a sign that says "Will Slander Sarah Palin For Food"?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the loons are happy to see the 'Change' Obama has promised. The only change I see, is that all the Clinton people are back. The Clinton's have something big on Obama. Time will tell folks, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

That was a hilarious post. No doubt Dougherty will be one of these sniveling liberals looking for a bailout. Let him eat newsprint and drink ink.

Anonymous said...

The ADN has said nothing about the possibility that Palin's baby was a product of an alien abduction...(some fodder for Petruccio)...How about the birth certificates of Pat Don'tboubtme, or Lisa Dimmer to prove they are qualified HUMAN journalists.
"I want to believe." "The truth is out there."

Anonymous said...

Anon: 8:03 PM
Your post was witty, but it actually made as much sense has the nutcase with the Palin baby questions. I can’t believe we actually breath the same air as these alien beings called Obamabots.

Anonymous said...

There were long standing suggestions that ADN was sitting on a story re: Trig Palin birth. Now, contradicting their previous denials of this, it seems they did in fact send out a reporter to check it out.

The way I'm reading this post from ADN editorial is a message to SP that she should deal with this, or they will publish whatever they've got. If they can't confirm that SP actually gave birth to Trig in April '08, that would be very unusual. Has any person heard SP say that she "gave birth" to Trig Palin in April? Or have they only heard her say she is "his mom"? Semantics much?

SP could put this to bed so quickly, so why doesn't she? I hope her supporters will request that she do so. A signed statement from Dr. Baldwin-Johnson stating that she attended SP at Mat Su Regional Med Center on 4/18/08 as she gave birth to baby boy, Trig Palin - and naming those also present in the delivery room would certainly stop this discussion and represent absolutely no violation of privacy whatsoever. So where is the good doctor?

Anonymous said...

Governor Palin repeatedly states that reporters do not 'take that extra step' and verify information. She states that they can simply ask her or her representatives and they will receive a response. OK.

Will someone ask her then:
1. Will you ask Dr. Baldwin Johnson to make a statement: "I, CBJ, attended Sarah Palin at Mat Su Regional Medical Center on 4/18/08 as she gave birth to her son, Trig Palin."
2. If no, why not?
3. Does she want this gossip to end for her sake and the sake of her daughter and family?
4. If so, why doesn't she simply end it with a factual statement: Why doesn't she actually say that she "gave birth to Trig Palin on 4/18/08 at Mat Su Regional with Dr. Baldwin Johnson in attendance"?

I hope for her sake, the sake of her daughter and family and her political future, that Governor Palin will end this gossip once and for all with the above statement. A licensed physican attesting to being present in a delivery room along with others would stop this in its tracks.

Jim62sch said...

Oh, look - another Truther. No evidence would be accepted by these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Loon says: “I hope for her sake, the sake of her daughter and family and her political future, that Governor Palin will end this gossip.”
Loon, “Gossip” is your operative word. YOU should not be repeating, or asking about unsubstantiated gossip. What if I say YOU are an escapee from a lobotomy clinic? NOW, show me the proof that you are sane. Get a doctor to prove to me you are not insane. The gossip is, you are nuttier than a fruitcake. YOU owe it to the readers here to disprove this gossip.

Geez, get a life, or a better psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

The weird nutcase with the Palin baby gossip is the perfect example of the no-brain specie that voted for Obama with no valid information. They spent their time chasing lies, misinformation, and GOSSIP, that they knew was gossip. At least the loony here gives us a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

"January 10, 2009 10:48 PM
January 10, 2009 11:02 PM"
Go back to your Troofer site where the sky is purple and all evidence that doesn't fit your delusions is ignored.

Anonymous said...

Loony with the Palin derangement syndrome, Gossip is, Senator Christopher Dodd has six toes on each foot.
Pass it on.

Oh, and the gossip about his sweetheart housing loan deal. Forgetaboutit! Keep your three eyes on the ball, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

"Jim62sch said..."
Did you see the ADN story (It's actually an AP story that the ADN got off the wire) on the change in birth announcements policy at the local Mat-Su hospital? I saw it on the Mat-Su paper's site a few days ago and immediately thought 'Ah, I know what the Troofers will do with this.' And, sure enough, they're ignoring all rational and reasonable thought (Gee, did you notice that the change was recommended by both their hospital chain and by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children there Troofers? And that Sarah and Bristol both had their babies before they changed the policy? And that therefore the change doesn't actually affect or have anything to do with them. Oh, I forgot, that doesn't fit in with your theory that the sky is purple, and that Palin was the shooter on the Grassy Knoll.), and bombarding the ADN comment section with their conspiracy. The Troofers are so predictable.

exDemocrat said...

Buh-bye b*tches!

Another great day to be an American, and not a libtard nor French.

Jim62sch said...

meltenn, yeah I saw that article and the fact that the Troofers got hold of it.

Dougherty said in his article that the ADN was deleting comments promoting this loony conspiracy theory. He's lying.

Anonymous said...

"Jim62sch said..."
Yeah, they do a terrible job of moderating their comment sections. I read a comment at RedState some time back that the ADN doesn't have anyone moderating full-time (or even part-time). If they get a bunch of 'abuse reports' on a comment then they'll look at that comment, but other than that they don't police it at all. The guy who explained that also said that the ADN was bragging about their page hits during the campaign (which can be chalked up to interest in Palin, of course). He' an Alaskan who used to post over there a lot, and he is pretty ticked at them about all that (and he doesn't even like Palin). Someone else over at RedState mentioned that the ADN might be getting hits, but that he bets that they aren't getting the 'click through' ad revenue that they want. They've created a community of trolls and they're not even getting much revenue for it. It seems like they haven't figured that out yet.

Anonymous said...

Who called Patty Dougherty a d-bag? Isn’t that some kind of tool for rinsing any body cavity?

Maybe sifting through dumpster garbage revealed all sorts of newsworthy things. His next story could be about a condom found outside the ADN office. Who knows what sinister DNA lurks there?

Howard Weaver worked there once. Patty, don’t be going and upsetting the Howard. Dump your stock and leave jerk, only a fool is still in that cesspool.

Anonymous said...

I would bet, of course not real money like Howard Weaver did, that the whacko posting here is not even from Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Unhinged Dougherty says, “..the widespread and [enduring quality] of these rumors.”
I ask: So, why not print the name or names of the [enduring quality] that voiced these rumors, validate the sources. Is he afraid of a lawsuit? I am guessing it would be sourced from loony blog pages.
Unhinged Dougherty says: “I finally decided, after watching this go on unabated for months, to let a reporter try to do a story about the ["conspiracy theory that would not die"]
I ask: So, why would the conspiracy theory not die? Was it because the ADN repeatedly reported on the loony conspiracy theory?
IMO, it is way past time to flush these vile ‘Elect Obama’ conspirators down the drain.

Anonymous said...

How about the conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim? The nutcases wouldn’t stand for that unsubstantiated rumor to continue. Obama’s father was a Muslim, and unnamed sources say if you are born to a Muslim, you are a Muslim. You can choose not to practice your religion, but it does not change the fact that you are a Muslim. Perhaps the fraud editor in Alaska can send out a teenybopper to check on that rumor?

Anonymous said...

A poster here said “Buh-bye b*tches!” That is probably more right than we know. Feminist hags are the ones with the unhinged Palin hatred. They can’t stand it, she is the total package. She could look like she does if she was a lesbian, mind you, but to have MEN say she was hot, the feminists of ugliness couldn’t abide that, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that ADN rag all but shut down? I hope the folks in Alaska just say no.

Anonymous said...

The first poster here called this blog “irrational McClatchy-hating.” In fact,
McClatchy Watch was brings attention to the irrational Palin-hating ADN. That just shows you what a nutjob-whacko that first poster is. Like another poster commented, “They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.”

Anonymous said...

Here’s some rumors, Sarah Palin is the best liked governor in the USA. Her approval rating is 80%. Alaska doesn’t need a bailout.

Get on these rumor loon and loonier editor. Send out a nutcase to check it out. Preferably into the outback region where there is deep snow. Al Gore forgot to tell Alaskans that global warming would keep them warm.

Anonymous said...

Is the dirtbag ADN editor still taking heat from his readers? We need an update.

Anonymous said...

Gary Pruitt Bluitt, will not admit that their slanted news lost them many readers. So long, MNI.

Anonymous said...

The ADN is starting their next political attack on Gov. Palin using drivel like we witnessed by the editor of this sorry rag. This time there will be bloggers ready to counterattack right from the get go. After newspaper are extinct, it will be time to work on the biased new reporting on the alphabet TV networks.

Anonymous said...

The ADN Palin bashing stories had so many comments that ranted about Gov. Palin’s judgment being suspect because she did not have an abortion of a “retarded” child.

That certainly illustrates the disgusting rumor mongering the newspaper encouraged. Newspaper Death is the only sure cure for their serious Palin derangement disease.

Jim62sch said...

The editor has now doubled down on his idiocy, publishing the full text of Governor Palin's e-mail complaint.

Anonymous said...

I copied your post to the ‘Got News or a Question’ section. I am not believing that editor is for real. I do appreciate your updates. McC. W. may have something to say about this information.

Adamgv said...

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Anonymous said...

More than 4 months later:

Many more photos have surfaced showing SPalin to be flat-stomached right up to the week before she supposedly "delivered" TriG. The pictures from the March 1, 2008 Iditarod are especially revealing. Seven months pregnant? Are you kidding me???

More and more evidence is surfacing showing that SPalin has suborned nearly every department of the executive branch of Alaska government. The Personnel Dept. The Dept. of Law. The AG's office. The Dept. of ETS.

She's pissed off Alaska Republicans and Democrats alike, in Juneau, Anchorage, and the rural parts of Alaska with her political games, her bait-and-switch with the federal stimulus money for energy conservation. That may well be the "nail in the coffin" rather than that picture from March 26, 2008.

She continues to pander her family as celebrities for money, seeking and getting publicity in celebrity rag mags. You don't see other, more functional governors doing this.

Funny thing about the Esquire write-up on Todd, there's a rather too-revealing quote from Granddad Chuck Heath -- again, he's said too much, like he did when he blurted out the "her water broke" comment back in April 2008.

See, four months after this blog entry there's even MORE unrest in Alaska about the governance of Sarah Palin.

And everyone who's not a right-wing so-called "Christian" Evangelical is laughing at the prospect of Sarah Palin and her ghostwriter producing a book that's worth the price of all the trees that will be destroyed in order to print them.

But we libruls know how you conservatives feel about conservation -- you'd rather burn a book than recycle it.