Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look for a paper in the northwest to announce cuts Monday (updated twice)

I am hearing Monday is D-Day for at least one McClatchy newspaper. No word yet on how many will be laid off.

UPDATE: The spammer is back. Earlier I explained the spammer's mental instability and his goal. (Hint to spammer -- it's not a good marketing technique to go on other sites and post 30 - 40 adolescent spam comments every day.)

UPDATE #2: From comments: big problems at The News Tribune.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Delete 5:46
Same old spammer!
Can you block any one suggesting that site?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I vote delete and block 5:56.

Anonymous said...

Tracking down nutcase is starting to be a little fun. A little spooky too. We may have a genuine nutcase here. Also, don't assume it is a he. It could be a she, or a "stay at home dad" using his wifes account.

If it is. She is not happy about it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great site. Keep it up.

Kevin Gregory said...

It wouldn't take much effort for me to track down the spammers ISP and expose his identity. And publish other information I have about him.

Anonymous said...

Is Exiled from baby land the same track you're on?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kevin, check your email.

Anonymous said...

I try to read several blogs about layoffs, and I see three of them are complaining about a spammer. I don’t know that it is the same person as the insane nutcase here, but the disgust of the posters tells me it is. Even the Gannett blog cut the spammer out of the deal posthaste.

Anonymous said...

'Northwest' as in the papers in Washington, or is it including Idaho, too?

Denny, Alaska said...

Can this possibly be northwest as in Alaska? As in "Anchorage Daily News will announce cuts Monday?"

Please? Their demise needs to be hurried along.

Anonymous said...

Someday -- maybe pretty soon -- some of the snide posters on this board will stop celebrating the death of a newspaper.
They might even find themselves telling some kid how nice it was to get news from all over the world -- and from city hall -- delivered to the doorstep every morning. The news was even updated online throughout the day!
They might miss the insights of an experienced sports reporter -- and then marvel at how the kid who runs the blog sometimes doesn't show up for games and never quite catches the moment that makes you smile or puts a tear in your eye.
And what will the bloggers do when newspapers are no longer gathering the information for them to make comments about?
Maybe the bloggers will have to go out and do real journalism.
Then they will really miss us.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bloggers will have to go out and do real journalism.

Real journalism? Real journalism is not pushing an agenda which seems to have afflicted most newspapers nowadays.

It's time for those who work in the industry to realize that they're not the next Woodward and Bernstein.

They're to report the news, not "change the world."

Anonymous said...

Hey clueless aka Anon 10:57.

Most legitimate bloggers do attend events, town/city hall meetings, pro/college sports games, etc. to do their reporting.

Get a F*ing clue. You're a disgruntled journalism snob whose time has obviously passed you by about 20 years ago.

Newspapers are D E A D. Face the facts.

I truly despise journalism snobs like yourself. Even if newspapers hadn't died, I could never work in the newspaper industry again because of the snobbishness of the field.

It's people like yourself and the cluelessness that you carry why the newspaper industry is in the shape it's in. You've failed to evolve with the times and your precious newspaper is now DEAD.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I've heard various people bitch about the papers I have worked for but I have never read such nasty comments like I read on this blog. What is it with some of you....or the one guy with battery acid in his gut. And the one thing that keeps popping up is also the most laughable thing that's if Bloggers DON'T have an agenda. Come on, give me a break, everyone has an agenda and I dare say some of you who are so gleefully wishing for the quick collapse of newspapers are the most egregious offenders of an "agenda" out there.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not a disgruntled journalism major, although I majored in journalism when I attended university during a mid-career change in my 30s.
I love journalism for many reasons, but I didn't go into the newspaper business to change the world or to push some liberal agenda.
Those who classify all journalists under those two very large umbrellas are inaccurate and careless.
I went into this business because it was a chance to tell compelling stories -- ones that convinced readers to pour another cup of coffee and sit down for a little longer.
I have never yet seen any blogger cover a beat -- or even a single story -- as completely as a newspaper reporter. And, please, let's not talk about agendas. Bloggers often have a agenda that glows like a neon sign at midnight.
Maybe bloggers are the future. If they are, I hope they embrace their stories and try to see all sides of the issue. I hope they can see the human side of the story, such as good people losing their jobs.
These people wrote about high school sports -- and it's hard to find a liberal political agenda covering kids playing basketball, football and volleyball.
These people wrote about people who were getting the shaft from the government.
These people got on airplanes that landed in Iraq -- and they then got into the same Humvees and Stykers that were blowing up on the roads. These people wrote about soldiers that didn't have the right body armor or enough armor on their vehicles.
These people wrote about -- and still write about -- the heroism of soldiers patrolling and dying.
How many bloggers are in Iraq today?
I'm not a journalism snob. I blog and freelance on the internet and in magazines so I can afford to pay my daughter's college tuition. I'm a single parent, and my daughter means everything to me.
I work at a McClatchy paper that has been slowly ripped apart during the past year.
The ugly comments in response to my 10:57 post are more cruel and careless than I've ever seen in a newspaper story written by a journalist.
In the end, this isn't about political agendas -- it's about people losing access to important information. It's about no one watching politicians on a daily basis. And it's about no one showing up to do a story about a high school basketball game.
This is all about people. That's real journalism.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said. Thanks from KC.

Anonymous said...

7:37.... OK... news is a product. If there is enough demand for the product and you can figure out how to produce it and deliver it you will be able to build a castle at San Simeon.

I think there will be a massive mishmash of attempts over the next several years. Eventually someone is going to come up with some truly innovative ideas and will completely change the industry.

Start imagining what the news business could look like in 25 years. One thing for sure, it will not look like it does today.