Sunday, February 15, 2009

McClatchy keeps shrinking

In comments, a reader points out McClatchy's market capitalization is contracting. As of close of business Friday, here are the numbers:
Market Cap Opened @51.19M
Market Cap Closed @47.89M

5 Days ago it Closed at 56.14M


Anonymous said...

Is MNI mentioned in the "death to america bill" the libs just passed?

If not, MNI should just keep taking hits of morphine until the ruskies arrive at their Reichstag bunker.

Anonymous said...

They may go bankrupt before any layoffs.

Anonymous said...

“… the ruskies arrive at their Reichstag bunker.”

When the ‘ruskies’ arrive, they will have to kick the McClatchy boys out first, if they want inside that bunker.

Anonymous said...

MNI boys? Hitler and Eva Lokeman or Hitler and Goebells?

Anonymous said...

"McClatchy keeps shrinking"

That has to be the best news of the day.

Anonymous said...

When the ADN can't pay their heating bill, then Hell freezes over, right?

Anonymous said...

By E&P Staff
Published: February 12, 2009

CHICAGO The Chicago Tribune fired at least 10 newsroom employee Thursday, including a Pulitzer Prize winner and the correspondents in the Middle East and Rome.
The bureaus in Jerusalem and Rome will be closed down.

Winners of the phony Phew-litzer Prize, Geez, who’s still buying that crock of shit?

Foreign bureaus being shut down. Now, that is something McClatchy needs to do as well. Paying so much for biased propaganda should be a punishable crime. No one believes them anyway. The phony foreign correspondents burned their journo creds in Iraq.