Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anchorage Daily News raises price to 75 cents

It's not just Lexington and Fresno... a reader says the Anchorage Daily News just raised its price to 75 cents a copy.


Anonymous said...

.75 cents huh.

Sun-Times Files For Bankruptcy
CBS2Chicago 3/31/09

The Sun-Times Media Group, owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and dozens of suburban newspapers, says it has filed for Bankruptcy, making it the fifth newspaper publisher in recent months to seek protection from creditors.

The company said it filed for Chapter 11 protection in a Delaware court Tuesday. It will continue to operate its newspapers and online properties.

Anonymous said...

I heard this also this morning on CNN "SUN-TIMES files for chapter 11". The first thing I thought of was damn that severance check better hurry up and get in my hands. I need to deposit it before McClatchy goes belly up.

Anonymous said...

Can we just get a global "McClatchy papers raising rates" instead of 1 for every paper?

Anonymous said...

Masthead rework:
The Anchorage Daily News Rumor Mill
You need news? We Dumpster Dive!

A long established McClatchy Tradition:
Pay more, get less!
How’s that working for you Pru?

H. Michael Sarkisian said...

McClatchy thinking is in a rut. Just raise the price 50% and advertizing 50% and you raise your income 50%!

This is how they claim taxes work. It's about time they learn the lesson.

Meanwhile Ms. Sills claims the Sacramento Bee is profitable. The real question is can McClatchy pay off their debt? If the stock price is an indicator, the answer is an emphatic "NO!"

newsance said...

In a story about a bill for farm workers that would do away with the right of a secret ballot to unionize, the Bee omits telling their readers that such a rule will lead to intimidation and retribution of workers, but does mention that management could intimidate with the rules as they are now.

One sided journalism at its best!

Anonymous said...

I just remember ‘Silly Bee’ writing how the ADN deserved such credit for their Gov. Palin investigations. Man, Sill is pathetic, no real newspaper person, in their right mind, would actually encourage rumor mongering during an election cycle. She is a female Dan Rather. Retire the clueless wretch, please!

Anonymous said...

As long as Sill stays out of NC, I am happy!

Anonymous said...

Looking at Sill’s photo:
Why is it that so many photos of MNI editors and writers are downright scary?

You can’t put that page in the bottom of your birdcage.
The RTSBC (Right To Sane Birds Committee) will have your ass.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Sun-Times is the only paper that actually wrote about Scary Barry’s past connections. The TelePrompTer Man won’t be saving them I don’t think.

Anonymous said...

During the election, we had a couple of excellent posters from Alaska that kept us right up on the ADN. I would like to know what is really going on there now. The ADN is surely not going to print the truth. I heard, their newest business model is printing the news on postage stamps, and that can't be all that easy.

Anonymous said...

The ADN is the worst of the MNI papers hands down.

Denny, Alaska said...

ADN: "All Anti-Palin All The Time! And Now, $0.25 More!"