Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fresno Bee raises price to 75 cents a copy

The Fresno Bee has raised its price to 75 cents per copy.
The cost of the Fresno Bee newspaper was increased by another quarter and is now 75-cents a copy.

Earlier this month, the paper made changes to its layout and let go of dozens of employees, all in an effort to save money.

The McClatchy organization, which owns the Fresno Bee, is strapped for cash.

Other papers are also suffering and some are closing down or switching to online only while others are cutting staff in an attempt to stay alive.

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Anonymous said...

McDonalds would go out of business with a policy like this.

In fact, in hard times they do the opposite and gain market share.

Aside from crying about hard times and the economy, what has MNI done to improve things to merit a higher price?

It's like if GM decided to raise prices.

Anonymous said...

Price hikes, such as these reflect the monopoly mentality ingrained within newspapers.

"We're the only game in town.. they have no choice but to pay the rate."

Advertising VPs lived by those words for decades.. and they'll die by those words before the end of this decade.

Anonymous said...

Thre Fresno Bee has ALWAYS had the policy of in the Advertising Department:

"If business is DOWN raise the rate card"!

Anonymous said...

As long as there's all that scintillating reporting from Cyndee Fontana and Russ Clemings, I'm in!