Monday, March 2, 2009

Guild president says Bee management refused to negotiate

Read Ed Fletcher's reflections here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time to stop talking down the economy and try to help by reinstating some consumer confidence.

Bush is gone. Democrats have it all. We no longer need to trash the economy every chance we get.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that the slogan on the Guild Web site'a banner is "Quality journalism; Quality life." I am not going to laugh.
If they had been covering their area like they should have been, they might have noticed that most of the rest of us have had to worry and wonder how we were going to feed our families. Why did they think they were exempt from the layoffs the rest of experienced/are experiencing?

Anonymous said...

How pathetic. Now he is comparing his situation to that of being in a war zone.

I can't wait for guys like this to get a taste of the real world.

Anonymous said...

It must be real bad for the union hacks, if big bad lib, Marxist MNI management, would dare I say, presumptively take a page out of what MNI would say the Bush regime would do and not negotiate?

How can that be? I mean, for eight years they bashed President Bush, and yet now they act like they say he owuld, and they won't negotiate with the unions?

Can anyone explain the hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony of it all.

The Bee guild, with its Stalinesque looking red and black logo, a Marxist union organization, bargaining with the MNI Marxist management regime, the same regimes that gleefully wet themselves lyiing to our nation in the election going at one another.

In this Kafkaesque struggle who will be the victor?

Anonymous said...

Ann 2:35 Old habits die hard, and MNI hasn't gotten its DNC marching orders yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:26 Spot on. What's a union hacks to do when the union isn't there to tell them when their 15 minute bathroom break is?

If they make it long enough, they then hide from the real world in dive bars all over the USSA.

They could never make it in a real world.

Anonymous said...

Wow. At the risk of offending the other morons in the world, this group of commenters is in a class by itself.
If this is the intellectual level of our enemies, maybe Mcc has a chance to survive after all.

mcclatchy veteran said...

system a little slow or do comments that are critical of the existing comments get deleted automatically??

Anonymous said...

You know, McClatchy people, you already insult would-be readers in your work. If you read the homepage of this blog, you will see that this blog is not for fans of McC.
Maybe you all ought to engage in some reflection about why you are so despised by so many, or did you not notice your circulation has not kept pace with growth in the region for over a decade? Why is that? Aside from poor business decisions, your tepid reporting and slanted story choices netted you a stagnant circulation in a region that enjoyed tremendous growth. (Natomas, Roseville, and Elk Grove, that is.) If it makes you feel better to write all of us off as ignorant, unenlightened rednecks, go right ahead. You have enough trouble already without examining your poor work ethic and product. By the way, we're not all McCain supporters, those who have no use for The Bee. Forget the bias: Your paper is just mediocre and vapid.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's just a habit with McClatchy people to insult people wherever you go. You can really dish it out,but you just can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Often people complain about bias in newspapers because facts in a story are not in line with their own thinking, but at McClatchy the liberal bias is required. Reporters soon learn that to curry favor with editors and management they must get in line with the politically correct thinking managers espouse. I think it’s how white staffers, knowing they are not first pick, survive there.

I was one of the very few McClatchy reporters willing to give conservatives a fair listen. I offer just a few instances that might illustrate a larger view in McClatchydom:
A reporter came back from a suburban government meeting and declared to her editor “So-and-so and this-one-also are a problem.” Knowing the government body she was talking about, I realized that by “problem,” she meant “conservative.” This loud-mouthed reporter was always racking up brownie points with editors.
I was leaving a story about two white rural residents with a photographer. These two people were trying to do a good thing: It was not a cop item. As soon as we were out of earshot of the couple, the photog said “Wow! You can just hear the banjo music on the porch, can’t you? Did they film ‘Deliverance’ out here?” He went on and on, but I don’t want this item deleted by including the raw comments he made about incest.
One fair-headed young woman announced at an editorial meeting how she was going to march out to the surrounding countryside and write a story about the lack of diversity there, as if areas should meet the same diversity requirements the Bee feels it should.

While managers collected bonuses for hiring minorities, staffers could not heap too much scorn on working-class whites or people who lived beyond Carmichael. I’m not sure if these people think they are living in the “Paris of the West” or what. Maybe when they are out of jobs and they have to move to larger cities, they will gain a realistic view of Sacramento in the world.

Current McClatchy editorial staffers, people have a right to expect fairness from their local daily newspaper. Some of us felt that working on a newspaper was a sacred trust we held with our readers, not a bully pulpit from which you can condescend to and alienate local residents. This blog is their chance to voice views they know they will not be treated with any respect in The PCB.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read how Ed Fletcher writes and punctuates without interference from an editor. Kind of revealing.