Monday, March 2, 2009

McClatchy makes list of "least admired" companies in innovation

Click here to see the list.


Anonymous said...

Free-lance writers face settlement appeal
@Will Not Be Televised
“Day 65 of “Rhonda Watch: The Prequel!” finds SCOTUS agreeing to hear an appeal from 5 media holding companies, to include the McClatchy Company, attempting to overturn a 2005 $18 million dollar settlement with their free-lance writers.

With over $2 billion in debts McClatchy is obviously taking the position that every million counts…except when it comes to their publisher’s salaries we mean.”

Anonymous said...

Innovate? For MNI innovation would be to go further to the left, and declare we should follow the Gaza, Cuba, Venezuela economic models.

But then they would have to get out from under the DNC's skirt, and we couldn't have that, could we?

Anonymous said...

Hey, the survey has MNI is right up there with Circuit City, and Sears Holdings.

And we know how well both those dinosaurs innovate. Aside from the layoffs, the redesigning of web and new pages, and the extreme left wing editorials, what's the plan Gary?

We're going to grab that tiller and......what, sail straight to Cuban waters?

Anonymous said...

If anyone is surprised by this, put your head in the sand a little deeper.