Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kansas City Star practically giving the paper away in special promotion

Prolific blogger Tony at Tony's Kansas City got a flyer in the mail offering the Kansas City Star for 99 cents a week.

Tony's news bothered at least one KC Star subscriber who wasn't eligible for the special deal, so he decided to cancel his subscription.
... after hearing that they were trying to practically give my paper away for free to Tony, I had to call them to cancel. That’s where the challenge was. They have no link for cancellations on the website. Oh, sure, they’ll encourage you to suspend your service while yo go out of town, but they don’t have an option for you to flat out cancel.

Thus, I had to dial their local number (816) 234-7827. Number didn’t work. So, I stepped it up and dialed the 877 number and got in touch with a representative who, before she agreed to cancel my order, tried her hardest to swing me over to the weekend only (Fri-Sun) version for a nominal fee. When I asked how much that was, it was only a few dollars cheaper than the everyday version. I’d be a bigger fool going that route.

I told her I wanted a clean break. She finally gave in and I’m out that mugg. I’d have to agree with TKC, there is no way I could support paying them the regular rate and they’re giving it away to others. Sorry.



Anonymous said...

Paper shrinking, price shrinking, advertisers shrinking, staff shrinking, stock shrinking, popularity of the guy they helped get elected shrinking.

House of cards crumbling. Where do we go from here? Should the employees that are left, just simply walk off the job?

How many just look at their bumper stickers, and hope that this isn't the change they wrought upon themselves.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like an ER room, where the paddles get the patient to violently jerk up and down, giving non-medical personnel hope, but the real medic staff know there is absolutely no change in the patient’s status.

Anonymous said...

Economies of scale?

This is just capitalism.

Just like an airplane, some people paid full price, others paid a fraction of the cost.

Just like "cable companies" new deals are out there all the time...but they are for new subscribers.

In the end it all evens out.

This is not news...this is just being stupid for stupid sake.

Kevin Gregory said...

Choices, choices. 99 cents could buy 2 shares of MNI or a week of papers.

Anonymous said...

"Shooting first, fact-checking later"
The Red Star & Sickle never lets facts get in the way of a faux story.
The KC Star’s Mary Sanchez Claims That Hiring an Immigrant Worker Results in Hiring 7.5 US Workers As a Result
Mary Sanchez writes Tue Feb 23 ”Foreign workers often are credited with sparking business and technological innovations, which in turn lead to more hiring. Some studies of technology firms have shown that for every foreigner brought into a firm on an H-1B visa, 7.5 U.S. workers find employment as a result.” This fails to pass the laugh test.
KC Star - Mary Sanchez - Shooting first, fact-checking later

Anonymous said...

I prefer the analogy of trying to make someone say, “Uncle” by twisting their arm.

Except since the MNI boys, can never go against their DNC masters and say, “Uncle, we’re bias in the worst way,” they try old word methods that we all know will fail.

And at what cost? The guild, your 401K, your job, the apolitical paper boy’s job, and the splinter of “journalism” that is left.

The asnwer is YUP!

Anonymous said...

The KC bloggers have more current news than the Scar ever did. Diversity didn’t serve the Scar well. They still cling to sub par journalists like badges of honor. I think we have more trinkets for sale.
The Red Star Badges of Dishonor.

Anonymous said...

8:14 AM said, “In the end it all evens out.”
I don’t agree, I cancelled, and told them why. My paying full price, while a new customer pays little, will never even out for me. There will always be a new promotion that will never include me.

Sticking your thumb in the eye of the loyal subscribers is very poor business. When you value someone who buys a paper because it is so cheap, over the customer that bought the paper for the news, you are choosing your customer of choice. Good luck with that
'stupid' strategy, it didn’t work for me.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:29 - Do you do the same thing with other services? I.e. cable, cell phones, etc?

I mean you sign up with [INSERT COMPANY HERE] get your intro price and then it reverts to full price later.

You keep paying full price while all along they keep advertising lower prices for new subscribers only.

This is how it works, and it works well. It works really well when there is a "monopoly" on the service. I.e. Comcast only serves one area. New subscribers get a good deal, but old subscribers can't get the same deal. Comcast doesn't really care if you leave because they are the only game in town.

I am saying that this is a stupid argument for TKC and MW to make. This is normal business and happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

9:54 Great argument.

Boy am I convinced. How do I sign up for ALL MNI papers and have them sent to me via USPS.

Anonymous said...

I am saying that this is a stupid argument for TKC and MW to make. This is normal business and happens all the time.

And 44 cents a share clearly demonstrates what a brilliant business strategy it is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54 First, MNI has a monopoly on NOTHING, nothing.

Next, you assume MNI has news people want. They don’t. Since we all have internet connections, we can go anywhere for news, and we do.

Also, the “trial subscription” is at-will purchase, meaning we can cancel at anytime.

Finally, the better argument, is why should anyone, in their right mind, return to MNI ever.

Riddle me that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54 I am still waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

So apparently we have slow people on here...good please stay on this site and don't go to the other one.

In MOST MNI cities, the local paper is a monopoly. If you stop subscribing, they don't have to worry about you jumping ship to a competitor (yes you can get news online, but you won't be giving your $4 a month to another local paper).

Plus if you leave and you really want the paper, you will be back (just like other monopolistic things like the cable companies). Leave a cable company and you can have over the air TV. Maybe that works for you.

I am not advocating for why people should or shouldn't subscribe. I am just making a statement that TKC and MW are idiots for trying to insinuate that the Star is "hurting" because they are doing marketing. This statement also applies to anyone else who thinks this is the case.

I think anyone should support their employer for doing anything short of layoffs/wage reductions to keep the company afloat until the market recovers.

Anyone else advocating a "death of..." is nothing more than a naysayer and is just vindictive and to me has no vested interest in the well being of hard working individuals.

Thanks and peace out.

Anonymous said...

12:16...Of course calling people "idiots" is another excellent business strategy.

"Anyone else advocating a "death of..." is nothing more than a naysayer and is just vindictive and to me has no vested interest in the well being of hard working individuals."

No, it is not about hard working individuals. It is about arrogant assholes like you. Please tell us what paper you work for so we can really celebrate when it goes under.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:16 and 1:14, I must give 12:16 credit for coming back and making his argument, so kudos to him.

But as to 1:14, I am squarely in your camp. Looking at today’s postings, MNI is quickly imploding and it shouldn’t be too long now.

Yes we can go back and forth as to marketing and business strategy, but in the end the great weight of economics, customer revolt, and blame is squarely on the shoulders of MNI as they grind what’s left of MNI into the dust bin of history

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know if you cancel your paper after about 4-8 weeks your phone will start ringing. They want you back and will offer you whatever the best deal is to get you to subscribe again. On the no call list doesn't matter they had business with you and are allowed to keep soliciting to you. They will start calling 3 to 4 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20 We have a winner! Check to Power. Thanks for the clarification.

So as to 12:16, I take back everything I said! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are not employed by one of the papers.

If you were you would not be hostile and you would be genuinely concerned about your job.

If you were let go in one of the previous downsizings, then it sounds about right and they cut one of the right people.

If you are an investor and are upset because you lost a lot of have a lot of other investors and not just on MNI.

Anonymous said...

3:08. You forgot several additional categories. People who love honest journalism and hate propagandists. People who remember when McClatchy was independent of the democrat national committee. People who love their country more than they hate George Bush. And most of all, people who just don't like arrogant assholes.

Anonymous said...

Fine then you really "hate" the journalists. What about the others at a paper that have nothing to do with content?

Technical people, ad reps, janitors, receptionists, etc.

If you don't believe in what the journalists are putting out then do not read it.

Wishing the death of any company just because you have some ideological problems with a few is no reason to want to punish everyone.

If 55% of the readership didn't like what was being "spewed" then the paper would be belly up, or they would change.

You and I appear to be on the conservative side of things, however, we both have a different approach. I would rather spend my time on a "company board" finding out whether or not I might have a job tomorrow, whereas you would rather spend every waking moment wishing financial hardship and economic ruin on thousands of employees just because you do not believe in what a few say.

I am truly sorry that I spent so much of my day wasting time trying to explain things to someone who will never change and flat out just doesn't care.

Best of luck in your endeavors ridding the world of leftist liberal propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:37 has twisted the conversation.

The burden rests firmly on the leftist filth who write the DNC pabulum, that caused MNI to go bust, and caused the janitors etc to lose their jobs.

But like most libs, you must blame others, like the right who has no desire to subsidize the DNC. It is your fault and your fault alone

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:37 Linus Test.

How did MNI come down on the Edwards Love child Story, as they were rummaging through Palin’s garbage?

John Edwards Mess: Baby's 1st Birthday Picture

John Edwards’ ex-lover, Rielle Hunter, is not writing a book or giving interviews. Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, however, is doing just the opposite.