Sunday, March 8, 2009

Late deliveries, black and white photos instead of color -- outsourcing printing operation in Idaho short-changes subscribers

Looks like outsourcing printing operations isn't all that good for the customer.
Due to production problems at the Statesman's remote printing plant in Nampa, delivery of the Sunday edition of the Statesman has been delayed by three hours or more.

All delivery should be complete by noon, although it could be later in outlying areas.

Because of the printing problems, some Sports and Insight pages that were intended to be in color had to be printed in black and white.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through the changes in the printing of the paper.
Just last week, the Idaho Statesman was bragging about their new printing arrangement:
"It's great," Statesman Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish said as she studied a fresh copy.

Printing the Statesman in Nampa means better reproduction and much more color availability for readers and advertisers, Parrish said.

"It's good for everybody," she said. "It's also a newer press, so it should have much better reliability."
This isn't good news for The Sun News subscribers, who were just told the The Sun News will be printed in Charleston instead of Myrtle Beach.
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Anonymous said...

This Sunday morning's "Dilbert" in the comics section regarding outsourcing just nails this issue on the head.

Anonymous said...

"The party's over...It's time to call it a day"

McClatchy Watch said...

Thanks 8:50... if anyone wants to see Dilbert's Sunday cartoon on outsourcing, click here.

Anonymous said...

How apropos.

Bu this is magic? How is it that I can see Dilbert before my MNI paper arrives late?

But MNI tels me, I NEED their paper? Please explain this free internet thing to me?

Anonymous said...

The definition of outsourcing is quite different than that of offshoring........let's call it what it is.

ex-worker Bee said...

This is what they said when Modesto "outsourced" printing to Sacramento. Now the Statesman can raise the news stand price too! Makes perfect sense?

kmarko said...

Forget the late deliveries, the Statesman's 'new' Sunday edition was a joke...three whole sections. Make that two and a half, since half of the Life section was classifieds. If the Statesman expect people to shell out $1.50 for this, they are sadly mistaken. I expect many cancellations and a drop off in newsstand sales. Actually, after one week into the new Statesman it's clear they're in a death spiral. I doubt they will be a 7-day paper (maybe 3-4) by this time next year.

Anonymous said... you hear it...the McClatchy death rattle. It is happening corporate wide!
Just shoot it and put it put of OUR misery. Seems NONE of the MNI papers WITHOUT EXCEPTION are worthless and not even worth the (expensive) newsprint to print them on. (nor are the on line versions worth the pixels to display them.