Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poll update: over 65% of readers think McClatchy's DC bureau shouldn't get special treatment

With several newspapers across the McClatchy company having announced layoffs and wage reductions -- and more announcements expected in the next week -- readers of this blog say McClatchy's DC bureau shouldn't be exempt from the same cost cutting measures. Click here to see poll results.

If you want to weigh in, it's not too late... to vote, click here.



Anonymous said...

When I was tracking an issue at the state capitol as a freelancer, I set up alerts on the LA Times, SF Chron and Sac Bee Web sites. The Bee was never first and never thorough. If the DC bureau is anything like it, readers probably won't lose anything.

Anonymous said...

Off site printing going well?
This below note has been in the newspaper the last couple of days.
After a redesign and the newspaper getting trimmed way back to three sections, it seems they are still having problems in Boise.
I think that may be why you have not saw any layoff action in Boise, they are still trying to figure out their remote production and printing.

Sunday Statesman delivery delayed by press problems

Statesman staff - Idaho Statesman
Published: 03/08/09

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Due to production problems at the Statesman's remote printing plant in Nampa, delivery of the Sunday edition of the Statesman has been delayed by three hours or more.

All delivery should be complete by noon, although it could be later in outlying areas.

Because of the printing problems, some Sports and Insight pages that were intended to be in color had to be printed in black and white.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through the changes in the printing of the paper.