Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sacramento Bee Guild holds Q & A meeting Wednesday, votes on Friday

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Anonymous said...

Having experienced McClatchy management's Orwellian tactics, I think these people are still underestimating how evil Sac Bee management is. Bee management is good at long-range planning, playing out their hand, and cutting capable people while convincing the keepers that the newly laid-off deserved it. The middle managers will do what upper management wants, and they've carried out some pretty slimy plans first and last.
I don't share the politics of many McClatchy Watch posters, but I think this is a valuable blog. I prefer the out-and-out, above-board anger often displayed here to the "let's keep this all civil and professional while we stab you in the back" style McClatchy has perfected.
McWatch, I don't think you have anything to lose by letting them soak in their own kool-aid at newspapertrails2.blogspot.com. There's just not as much news there anyway.
You should know that any criticism your posters lob at McClatchy employees just confirms their martyr complex.