Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Should I give some credit to the Spammer?

Around noon today, McClatchy Watch passed 33,000 hits this month. If things keep up I could break last month's record of 148,000 hits. Most of the credit goes to developments at McClatchy -- layoffs and furloughs and pay cuts across the chain -- but I have to give some credit to the Spammer. After I linked to 3 of the Spammers's posts last night and today, I noticed his/her readers came here to see what was going on, then scurried back to post comments about it.

So far the Spammer's blog is mostly a place for people to share their feelings about how bad their lives are, and, talk about this blog. Once in awhile something newsworthy is posted and I pick it up to post here.

Just for fun, go to this post at the Spammer's blog and read the comments. Jeez, talk about depressing. (Although I did find one post with some good McClatchy info and I will link to it later today.) Seriously, I will bring the best McClatchy info here no matter where it comes from.


Kris said...

We're all in this mess together, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Quite delicious!

One must give “credit” where credit is due.

But now, now, we wouldn’t want to hurt their FEELINGS, now would we!

Anonymous said...

I went to the new Yawn, I mean site. Not much going on there except secret handhsakes and decoder rings.

I am fine right here with "Hot Off the Press", if you will, fresh MNI data

Anonymous said...

This just in(I'm bringing it here. They're so whiny over there about "intruders"):

LA Observed: Los Angeles media, politics and sense of place since 2003
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Journo signs on with Ridley-Thomas
12:49 PM Tuesday •

Aurelio Rojas, a reporter for the Sacramento Bee, is the new
communications director for L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. An
item at Capitol Morning Report says that Rojas used to cover the Supes for
United Press International [where he worked for Doug Dowie] and Copley
News Service. With the Bee in cutback mode, like most newspapers, Rojas
told CMR, "I learned a lot, but it was time to go. It's not a fun time."
Rojas, somewhat famously, attended Cathedral High School in the late 1960s
with Tony Villar. After his pal became Antonio Villaraigosa, Rojas covered
him in Sacramento and for awhile worked on a book on the rise of Latino
politicians, including the mayor. Rojas' wife, Linda Rapattoni, is the
press secretary to state Assemblywoman Julia Brownley.

Anonymous said...

Let them have their support group. They obviously lost any skill they might have had for reporting.

Anonymous said...

'McClatchy: Our 49.5 percent stake in the Seattle Times Co. is now worthless'

Newspaper giant McClatchy, which owns 49.5 percent of the voting stock in the Seattle Times Co., is now valuing that position as worthless. In the latest 10K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, McClatchy says the Seattle Times Co. in 2008 "recorded a comprehensive loss related to its retirement plan liabilities."

As a result, says McClatchy, "the Company’s investment in STC at December 28, 2008 is zero, and no future income or losses from STC will be recorded until the Company’s carrying value is restored through future earnings by STC. Accordingly, no significant income or losses are expected to be recorded from this investment in 2009."

This, of course, doesn't mean the other, controlling 50.5 percent of the Seattle Times Co. is worth nothing. But it's a further indication of awfully bad health.

Anonymous said...

Give him credit for what? He's made you decide to moderate your comments which in the end will more than offset the increased hits from his site. He has made you alter your primary objective which was to my understanding...cancel the being a site for information for employees. His objective. He has in effect managed to control the message and dictate the agenda beyond his wildest dreams.

I wouldn't post this. It is just an observation from the perspective that he and fellow travelers will likely take.

Anonymous said...

It's very, very bad to lose your job in this economy, and if people want to vent and moan about that without weathering ENDLESS political attacks from your commenters, why not let 'em? I'll take boring over mean any day. That other blog is just getting started, so yes, it has a lot of weaknesses too. Big duh.

I think overall your blog has long been providing a valuable service, by the way, but the comments really are often unbearable.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are unbearable and I don't miss them. On the other hand, hundreds of people in this town have lost jobs and have gone through what they're going through now without all the self-pity. I don't think hits will decrease without the ranters. their posts were like pile of dogs**t that you had to step around.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Kevin, I know you won't approve my last comment. That's cool. You would have made a good NAZI!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd like to make an offer to laid-off McClatchy employees. They can come stay in my cabin overlooking the Crimea River.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're all heart.