Sunday, April 5, 2009

After laying off a boatload of employees and moving printing operations, Modesto Bee concludes it's time to downsize

As rumored earlier this month, a community college is looking into buying the Modesto Bee building. None too soon, because thanks to several rounds of layoffs and moving printing operations, the Bee building has plenty of empty space:

The Bee no longer uses as much of its buildings because the paper is printed on presses at The Sacramento Bee. The company's staff of 169 includes employees in editorial, advertising and other divisions. At its peak a decade ago, The Bee had about 650 employees.

Photo credit: Adrian Mendoza hat tip: email



Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the right topic thread, but this is
Good stuff -
By John Landsberg

“Sometimes it is tough for those who love quality journalism to feel sorry for the problems experienced today at newspapers”

Anonymous said...

I am interested in starting an online newspaper to compete with the modesto bee. Any suggestions or inputs would be greatly appreciated.

PS I am an internet marketer, who makes his entire income via online. I see these times as an opportunity to beat out the modesto bee.

Anonymous said...

-Sac joins Modesto in banning Dumpster diving-
Submitted by Bee_Opinion
How will McClatchy get their news now?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:41 Simply print the truth, expose the other 1,000 fakers, and you win