Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anchorage Daily News shuts down comments at discussion forum on ADN web site

This short message was posted yesterday on the ADN web site:

We have discontinued the online forum known as "Letters Unfiltered." Editor Pat Dougherty explains why:

"Too many of the participants failed to post according to the Web site's terms of use, and we did not have the staff to police it ourselves."

I blogged about issues at that site here.

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Anonymous said...

By not bashing Sarah Palin enough, were closing down the comment section until interest picks up.

Thank you, and the cost of our daily paper will soon be $1.25

Pg1News said...

Shouldn't have laid off the Web guy/gal. And whatever happened to "unfiltered" and freedom of speech? Web hits will plummet like the rest of the MNI papers' sites. Good luck with that, Anchorage, hope that works out for ya!

Anonymous said...

The ADN is the poorest excuse of a newspaper I have ever seen. Any effort to bail them out would send me to a tea party for sure.

Anonymous said...

-The ADN enters the Twilight Zone-
I actually heard that the comments were turning against the ADN, and their corrupt reporting. Not enough leftist whackjobs reading the smut these days I guess. They laugh how they helped elect a fraud president behind the scenes. Laugh away fools, and beg the state of Alaska to offer you another lowlife job. I think CareerBuilders lists a
'Pickup the Moose Dung’ opportunity. Starting at minimum wage, but an executive ‘Shit kicker’ is in the plans.

Anonymous said...

The unions are out-of-control in Alaska. That will only worsen under Barry-O. Perhaps without their personal news organ, the unions will be held at bay by honest voters. I believe I am witnessing the total corruption of the MSM, and it scares me, actually scares me.