Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Mate Howard Weaver slams McClatchy employees who ridiculed "Captain Gary" (updated)

Howard Weaver can't leave well enough alone.

After media blogger Romenesko picked up the story of the News & Observer employees who offered a tribute to 31 departing employees by making a mockup front page -- which included ridicule of "Capt Gary" -- Howard Weaver decided to weigh in. Weaver left a comment on the Romenesko blog, letting it be known he was not happy with the disrespectful McClatchy employees:
"... McClatchy is solvent, transitioning, doing much of the best journalism in the country. None of us is where we were 10 or 15 years ago. Thoughtless and unfounded recrimination seems unhelpful to me."

Not a word of consolation from Howard for the 31 laid off employees, or the ones left behind who have to produce a paper with fewer resources.

But hasn't it always been about Capt. Gary and the Second Mate?

If you want to see the entire front page mockup, go here.

UPDATED: More from a less-defensive Howard here.




Anonymous said...

The response by the former N&Oer was good. McClatchy is absolutely a sinking ship and execs who continue to blame the company's problems on the economic downturn are like the people on the Titanic who said, "But the ship is unsinkable. You're all overreacting."

Anonymous said...

Howard rode out on his golden parachute and now rails about the selfishness of people who expect a paycheck every two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Classic Hitler bunker mentality. I'd love to see lokeman in the role as Eva Braun

Anonymous said...

Howard has a stock statement when his Pru-bear is attacked, “I am getting f**king tired…” Howard and Gary are birds of a feather. We are just seeing them plucked clean, and they are not the pretty birds that preened for the cameras a short time ago. Dirty birds is more like it, but 'RICH' dirty birds to be sure.

Anonymous said...


NYT: $1.3 B in Debt, $34 M in Bank
New York Post

As The New York Times Co. tries to bask in the glory of having bagged five Pulitzers, the company is facing a cash crunch that could put it on the path toward insolvency.

According to its first-quarter earnings report, the Times said it had cash and cash equivalents totaling $294 million.

However, $260 million of that is earmarked to pay off debt that matures in March 2010, effectively leaving the company with $34 million.

John Altevogt said...

Is Howard a druggie? "much of the best journalism" I don't care who you are, you can't be this blind.

We have the Wichita Eagle and The Kansas City Star and they are both atrocious rags that are a disgrace to the community they infest.

The Eagle is simply hateful. I'm convinced that Rhonda Holman is the Bitch of Belsen reincarnated and the entire paper is so in the tank for Tiller the Killer and his lackeys that it would be embarrassing to anyone with an ounce of ethics.

The only thing that keeps The Star from being overwhelmingly ideological is the fact that it's such a stooge for the area's corrupt political establishment that it occasionally has to override the barrage of leftist pap to pimp for the folks involved in the latest scam to loot the till.

The biggest crime is that they have talented people who are simply not allowed to do their jobs by idiots like Howard.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea!

Both MNI and the NYT shoudl turn way hard left, and be a propaganda organ for the Democrat Party, and print information on their front pages that reveals our military secrets to the enemy, and insult half of all Americans.

Now that's a business plan that will bring them back to prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Some employees at the Sacbee defended Weaver at first, but I haven’t heard much praise just lately. I guess it depends on who is losing their job. I think Howard’s cheerleading squad is down to one, Melanie Sill, as far as I can tell. The mental image of Sill in a short skirt holding pompoms is more than I can withstand, even Howie would cringe. He is a man of superior elitist taste, don’t you know?

Anonymous said...


Another costly quarter shows a New York Times bankruptcy is a very real possibility

As expected, the New York Times's business operations began burning cash this quarter (until now, they had remained cash-flow positive). The company has recently made several wise moves that have postponed the date at which it will run out of cash.

But the situation is still critical. At the current rate of cash consumption, assuming no one-time expenses (highly unlikely), we estimate that the company will max out its current borrowing capacity in 4 quarters.

At that point, it will owe about $1.2 billion in debt. This estimate does not include any payments on the company's $600+ million pension and benefit obligation, of which $181 million is due next year.

The bottom line: The New York Times Company remains on the brink of insolvency.

There are also at least $1.5 billion of claims ahead of common shareholders of the company's assets should it file for bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

One of the most entertaining threads on this blog described Pruitt/MNI in nautical terms. It was pure laugh out loud comedy.

Anonymous said...

If Howard shuffles off to a desolate island, I agree,
‘Leave Howard alone!’

Anonymous said...

Did Howard make it over the burning bridge? It looks like he may have singed his hair.

Anonymous said...

That guy's an (profanity deleted.)

Anonymous said...

We keep hearing about soooooo many talented people at these places...........Could we say like.....


Pg1News said...

Again, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a little something you might find interesting:

(I also posted this in in the daily update section -- sorry.)

Anonymous said...

Howard used the ‘F’ word on his blog, and it just shocked me, I say SHOCKED me! The leftists scribblers were still lamenting his departure from MNI, and the ‘Second Mate’ goes rogue, dashing his image as a proper gentleman. One poster even accused him of ‘Bald Mismanagement’- Now that is witty.

Anonymous said...

"That guy's an (profanity deleted."
That was a great post.
I just added my descriptive words, but most of mine would be deleted also. I wonder if 'asshole' is too profane?

Anonymous said...

You can type @sshole on tricky sites, but Howard has lowered the bar with the 'F' word on blogs. I mean Weaver is a $500,000 class act, a journalist to follow, right?

Anonymous said...

The ship is listing, maybe Pru's deck chair will slide over the railing and take him with it!