Monday, April 13, 2009

Erica Smith tracking newspaper closures and more

From Poynter Online:
Erica Smith's Paper Cuts Web site has become pretty much the de facto standard source for tracking newspaper layoff numbers for the past couple years.



Anonymous said...

MNI PIRATE SPIN, Americans (non-MNI people) kill unarmed muzzies

Pirates were out of ammo, sought to trade captain

McClatchy Newspapers by Nancy A. Youssef and Shashank Bengali

A relative of one of the pirates, who said he spoke with the men by satellite phone at about 3 p.m. — four hours before the Navy opened fire — said they "were getting scared" and trying to persuade the Americans to let them go in return for the captain's release.

"They were trying to save their own lives," said the relative, Hassan Mohammed Farah, speaking by phone from Haradheere, a coastal town in central Somalia where pirates are known to operate. "The only thing they could bargain with was the captain, but the Americans would not accept."

Anonymous said...

by Nancy A. Youssef and Shashank Bengali

No bias here. muzzies always tell the truth

Anonymous said...

Well, it is obvious that the only reason they were killed was for being black while pirating. Notice how this racist country of ours has not killed any blue eyed blond Scandinavian pirates lately.

It is time for apologies to and reparations for their families.

Anonymous said...

12:03- MNI Pirate Spin?
I really don’t have to check with Google to know Shashank Bengali is most likely an old Knight Ridder hangover. There is no mistaking the misleading headlines and bias these news failures try to press upon ignorant readers. My real question is, how long does MNI think everyone will stay ignorant of their dishonest reporting? Maybe the dwindling numbers will tell them something? Yeah right?

Anonymous said...

It may be MNI dispersed the old Knight Ridder losers to one a paper, just to keep the pollution equal. Equal opportunity employers for Hamas, spreading the hate one newspaper at a time.

Erica Smith said...

Thanks for the Paper Cuts link -- and wealth of great McClatchy layoff information!

Anonymous said...

12:31pm-well,why dont u just sail on over there and apoligize

Anonymous said...

2:29AM.... you might consider adjusting your sarcasm detector. Your needle is reading way over to the Duh side of the scale. Move it more to the Oh side of the scale.