Monday, April 13, 2009

Sacramento Bee to charge subscribers extra for weekly TV supplement

The Sacramento Bee announced it will start charging subscribers an extra 25 cents a week if they want to continue receiving the weekly TV supplement, ONTV.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. Subscribers have been getting this supplement for no additional charge, and now, they have to call The Bee and ask to pay extra to get it. The Bee has managed to find one more way to annoy subscribers.


H. Michael Sarkisian said...

The Bee is just following its own logic. If you want to double government income, just double the tax. In this case, if you need a quarter from each of your subscribers, just charge them for what they can get from their provider for free via the internet.

McClatchy Watch said...

I can find my local TV schedule here.

Wow, who would have thought you can get what you want on the internet without subscribing to the Bee at all.

Anonymous said...

You forgot, you horrible uncaring bloggers.

MNI supports the old and infirm and is only assisting its old non-internet savvy client base.

Anonymous said...

Say, who is that liberal drive-by who commented on yesterday's "Ace explains media bias" story? (about four entries down from this one?)

Anonymous said...

So the Bee is set to join the KC STar in this little sham. So just how many pages will they be saving by not including this section in subscriber papers? BTW, my understanding of the Star on this is, most subscribers didn't make the call to keep getting their TV supplement. No word on how many said screw it and unsubscribed.

Anonymous said...

It may have been mentioned here before, but Melanie Sill has to lose her job before the cleansing is complete. The harm she did the Duke Lacrosse players in NC cannot be undone, EVER. What she allowed to be printed, and never retracted to my knowledge, should have gotten any real newspaper person fired. McClatchy gave her a promotion and sent her to the Sacbee. The Sacbee has only gone done hill since her arrival. I have begun to believe McClatchy has a death wish of some kind. How else can you explain this self-induced death spiral?

Anonymous said...

Only little old ladies think they need the TV supplement. It's all on-screen these days. They should just dump the thing but they're trying to be nice and not piss off the 80-year-olds. You know, the demographic that actually pays for the paper these days.

Anonymous said...

"The harm she did the Duke Lacrosse
players in NC cannot be undone, EVER. "

Oh please, the News&Observer was
instrumental in having the NC State Bar
railroad Nifong. Ask Joe Neff and Joe Chesire.

Was it under the threat of lawsuits
for their early coverage which was too

Ask Walt-in -Durham.