Thursday, April 9, 2009

Layoffs at the Kansas City Star taking a toll

Layoffs at the Kansas City Star -- 150 employees in the latest round -- have degraded the quality of the product. From Bottom Line Communications:
How would you like to volunteer your time to sell souvenir editions of the Kansas City Star on a street corner and see your name misspelled in the newspaper sponsoring the event?

That was the case throughout a 1/2-page ad in the Star (4/9) highlighting "Greater Kansas City Day." The event is held annually the morning of the KC Royals home opener to help raise funds for the Rotary Club.

"Not sure how to spell Boerigter? Check out an old Chiefs media guide," noted a reader. "FOUR errors in one ad - that's laughable."

Aside from the ones highlighted above the ad misspelled former KC Day chair Paul Splittorff.



Anonymous said...

No, the errors shouldn't have been there. But the advertiser should have caught them in the proofing process. Can't blame everything on the Star.

Oh wait: You can.

Anonymous said...

And what do you blams MNI for? I know, not being Marxist enough.

You're a great usefull idiot

Anonymous said...

"blams"? "usefull"?
Are you drunk, or do you have a head injury?

Anonymous said...

I say write up the person or persons involved in building the ad. The Modesto Bee would of.

Oh wait the ad was probably built in India.

just give them a conference call and say try better next time.

We need India artists because we don't have any left here at the KC STAR.

Anonymous said...

The paper prints whatever the advertiser creates/approves.

Although it is nice that people are reading the paper and noticing the ads (correct or not).

Maybe it was done intentionally to get more people to notice?

Anonymous said...

What's the number for Bangalore?