Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sun-Times covers the "Obama bows to the Saudi king" story, McClatchy still AWOL

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a piece yesterday on Obama bowing before the Saudi king -- a shocking breach of presidential protocol. The Sun-Times piece included this video showing Obama's deep bow:

Absurdly, a White House aide denies Obama bowed. McClatchy has been AWOL on the story.

I emailed Steven Thomma (who covered the trip) and bureau chief John Walcott (who brags that McClatchy is the "Truth to Power" organization) to ask them about not covering the story. I'll let you know if they have an explanation.


Anonymous said...

Of course MNI is AWOL. They will NEVER go after their boy.

They are probably trying to spin an obvious rim-job of a BOW, into looking for a lost contact lens.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage? Obama lama ding dong has just asked for 83 billion in extra war funds and the leftists are all of a sudden deaf mutes!

Anonymous said...

Queue the libtards who'll say Obama showing subservience to the Saudi king is no big deal.

Third-world status, here we come!

Anonymous said...

What is this, a parody of fringe loony web sites?

Don't you four little self-congratulating whackos who do all the posting here have anything serious to worry about?

OMFG, a breech of presidential protocol! It's a Muslim conspiracy! Let him get away with that, next thing he'll give the launch codes for all the nukes to Osama. Or maybe he IS Osama. Let's see, Osama, Obama, hmmmmmmmm. Let's see his birth certificate!

Could be worse, like if he, oh, let's say massaged the German prime minister's shoulders. Mein Gott! Nein! You need to watch for that. She is, after all, the leader of your Fatherland.

And make up your walnut-sized, angry little minds. If he wasn't asking for the $87 billion you'd be screeching like a little schoolgirl that he wasn't supporting the troops.

On second thought, carry on. This is the funniest shit I've read in years. Fess up, you are really all a bunch of lefties aren't you? Is this Jon Stewart's writing team?

Anonymous said...

the libtard spin is that the king was short so he bent over to shake his hand

hey 1:10, nice to see the moveon girly-boys are stopping by here. hope your mom's basement isn't too cold to live in

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 1:10 for a breath of fresh air, and a voice of reason. Giving these nuts any feedback only makes them worse, unfortunately. They're like the scorpion trapped in a bucket who is stinging himself to death and giving his final jerks.

Anonymous said...

1:40, Lot of digital swaggerin' in this parts from the pale, larval, middle-aged likes of you. Not a man in the crowd.