Friday, April 24, 2009

McClatchy DC bureau reporter slammed for cherry-picking

Jonathan Landay, a McClatchy DC reporter who is the darling of PBS and left-wing blogs, is being called out for a misleading article he wrote which claimed the Bush administration tortured captured terrorists with the intent of justifying their invasion of Iraq.

Earlier this week an article by Jonathan Landay was published by the failing McClatchy Newspapers. The article asserted that innumerable people had been tortured with the intent and purpose of proving a tie between Saddam Hussein’s regime and the Al Queda network of terrorist groups. The article asserted that there never were any ties between the two, and that the torturing of captured Al Queda terrorists was done largely to create a fictional narrative that would support the case for invading Iraq (let’s ignore that the alleged “torture” happened AFTER the invasion of Iraq-just as was done in the article).

I attempted to contact Jonathan Landay to nicely and politely inform him that the issue of regime ties had never been closed. He responded nicely, pointed me in the direction of a few reports, then categorically declared that no ties existed and that the intelligence community had known this all along, but the Bush Administration “cherry-picked” intelligence to make its case for war.

After that initial email, Jonathan refused to respond to further attempts at educating him. SO, here we go…

Click here to see Scott's summary pointing to ties between Al Qaeda and Saddam

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Anonymous said...

"After that initial email, Jonathan refused to respond to further attempts at educating him."

1) You mean he didn't see any point with wasting his time with someone who 'KNOWS THE TRUTH"?

2) your link "Click here to see Curt's summary..." goes to a "404 not found"... hmmm. kinda fitting.

Anonymous said...

Any relation to, possibility that he is the spawn of I.F. Stone?
Or was that I.P. Freely?

Anonymous said...

Just another worthless, Marxist, commie, fellow traveler of the Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie ilk, looking for a Pulitzer

John Altevogt said...

O'Reilly gave him a shot also.

(second story in).

Anonymous said...

McClatchy's unhinged DC bureau, no hope for recovery.

Anonymous said...

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