Monday, April 13, 2009

Media budgets worse than thought?... news outlets apparently can't afford an intern to do a simple google search

While we're on the subject of media bias, Gay Patriot notices the US media is ignoring a big story -- Barack Obama's half-brother, Samson Obama, has been denied entry to the UK because he is accused of an attempted sexual assault on a 13 year old girl.

When the mother of the ex-fiancé of the daughter of the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate has a drug problem, it makes the front page of Yahoo!, yet when the half brother of the Democratic President of the United States is denied entry into the United Kingdom because he has been accused of sexual assault, the American media ignores it.

Wonder why they’re only interested in stories of gossip and gaffes involving Republicans. Guess it’s just not a story when Democrats (or their family members) do thes same sort of things which generate headlines for the GOP.

Ah, recall the good ol’ days when the dispatched whole teams to Wasilla, Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin and they can’t even spare an intern to do google searches on Democrats.

Wonder why that is.

I promise you, if this sex offender was related -- even indirectly -- to Sarah Palin, McClatchy would be all over it. Check out this little sample of McClatchy articles exposing the crimes and misdeeds of people related somehow to Palin:

It's way past time for McClatchy to dump its Truth to Power motto; McClatchy no longer even pretends to cover its favored politician the way it covers Republican politicians.

UPDATE: Looks like this creep Samson Obama has been living illegally in England for years. More here.


Anonymous said...

McClatchy is not going to dump the "Truth to Power" motto. They believe too much in their lies.

McClatchy Watch said...

Gawker says having an embarrassing pervert for a brother is something common to all great presidents.

Anonymous said...

So now instead of biased news, we get biased news with poor spelling and grammar. That should help sell papers.

Anonymous said...

Illegal Aliens seem to run in Obama's family. Ten to one says the reason he will not give up his transcripts is because he applied to his schools as a foreign exchange student.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for some MNI useful idiot to come up with some semi-cogent answer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, man, the Palins are just funnier. God, I hope she's nominated next time. Laugh riot!

Anonymous said...

8:05 AM

Me too. By that time McClatchy will be bankrupt and all you will have time to do is snivel about how mistreated you are and how all the mean people wish you ill.

What is really, really funny is hearing you whine about how people take pleasure in your misery and you don't even stop to think that you bring it on yourself.

Anonymous said...

When I try to point out the discrepancies of reporting to my news room, they become angry. The immediately try to say 'well during the Bush admin...' They certainly do not follow the two wrongs don't make a right. I came into this business not believing that the bias was so strong but after my career in adv. it is sad but true. There is such a disconnect between departments and the "us" and "them" mentality. We are dying from the inside out, not vice versa. I don't see a fix at this point other than a career change. For me that is simple, I am in sales for them, well good luck and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16 THANK YOU!

I get it. The cancer is systemic or worse, it is their DNA.

No buying thier filth until post bankruptcy

John Altevogt said...

Truth to Power? McClatchey? Surely you jest?

The Star not only refuses to speak truth to power, it actively works to silence those who do. Time after time, after time The Star has ignored major news stories involving local corruption and promoted the candidates associated with that corruption. This is not a right-left thing, and it's why you find so few defenders of The Star on either side of the political spectrum.

The essence is that since Art Brisbane became publisher, The Star has become little more than a shill for the sleaziest elements in the Kansas City establishment. Like his namesake who was the highest paid columnist in the country for the Hearst empire, little Artie mouths socialist platitudes out of one side of his mouth while in actuality he transformed The Star into little more than a pimp for the corrupt political establishment. Mark Zieman has simply continued Brisbane's policy of making The Star a handmaiden to corruption.

Anonymous said...

False documents! That must run in the Obama family. We haven’t seen Obama’s birth certificate yet. Why not?
-Billy Beer The Sequel: Obama's Brother-
Denied Entry into UK American Thinker, by Larrey Anderson

You remember Jimmy Carter’s embarrassment of a brother Billy? Well, Obama’s got a brother, Samson Obama, who makes Billy Carter look like Bob Hope.(Snip)A Home Office spokesman said Samson Obama was denied a visa after [immigration officers noticed one of his documents was false].

I wonder if that attribute runs in the Obama family?

Anonymous said...

don't be blaming the Daily News on this one. if papers with access to the Obama clan did as good a job of covering the president as the Daily News does of covering the governor, we'd all be better served.
Sarah, god bless her, is the biggest fish in the tiny, little Alaska pond. what she and those around her do is big news in the microsystem.
she might be a national figure to people Outside, but in Alaska she's simply the head of a government ruling a population about the size of the city of Edmonton, Canada.
she gets the kind of press an Edmonton mayor would if his inlaws, outlaws and hangers-on were engaging in Palinesque shenagins.
not to mention that in alaska it is understood, to paraphrase conservative former gov. Wally Hickel, that you can't just let politicians run wild. not any of 'em -- R, D, L, I or F.
sarah's just lucky the once deep-pockets of McClatchy enabled the lazy, lefty Anchorage Daily Worker to sink The Anchorage Times or she'd really be getting pounded for leading the most socialist government north of Venezuela.
is there someone out there who thinks it somehow different when an Alaskan governor instead of a South American dictator snatches the money out of the wallets of businesses and their shareholders to redistribute it to her/his "people"?
let's see: Sarah taxes the snot out out of the oil companies so she can give $1,500 a year in oil-company money to each resident of Alaska just for living in the state, and she's a conservative how again?

Anonymous said...

Trig is running the whole state. He's the brains behind the Palin/Johnson meth ring!