Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Mad magazine’s take on the
Dalai-Bama’s first 100 minutes.
Too funny! Odd how the liberal media just glossed over the fact that Barry still smokes. The Nanny Corps wants to tell everyone else what is good for them. Smoking shows poor judgment, don’t they tell us? He should NOT be eligible for national healthcare, only an “Ignoramus” would want our dear children to see a president that smokes. What a terrible example to set before our little lambs.

Anonymous said...

Keller addresses brouhaha over his Darfur remark
Keller recently said, "…saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause..” Now he is “…astonishment at the silly literal-mindedness with which some people read my occasional public comments."

No one should believe anything anyone writes at the New York Slimes. You can’t go far wrong sticking with that strategy.

Anonymous said...

“When will they ever learn? Yesterday we discussed headlines that did not match the facts of the article. We have another such example today.‘Pg1News’ had some excellent inside information for us. I think the tactic it getting worse by the day, and everyone is in on the dirty trick! Are they going for broke? Hahahaha
-France, Germany endorse Obama's Afghanistan plans-
(Totally misleading and biased title)

yahoo ^ | 4/4/2009 | DEBORAH SEWARD
France and Germany fully endorsed President Barack Obama's new Afghan war strategy [but continued to firmly resist U.S. demands for more combat troops]

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

What did those MNI BOD make in 2008for their hard work? It can’t be easy watching Gary Pruitt, as he continues to bankrupt The McClatchy Company.

DEF 14A filed on 03/31/2009

During fiscal 2008, McClatchy paid its non-employee directors an annual retainer of $40,000 per year plus $2,000 per day for in-person attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors and $1,500 for attendance at committee meetings. Attendance at regular Board meetings by teleconference was compensated at one-half the rate for in-person attendance. Committee chairpersons, other than the chairs of the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee, received an additional $7,500 per year for their services.

The Audit Committee chairperson received an additional $12,500 per year for his services and the Compensation Committee chairperson received an additional $8,500 per year for his services. McClatchy also [reimbursed non-employee directors for reasonable expenses] incurred by them in connection with the business and affairs of McClatchy.

The Board of Directors determined that non-employee directors would not receive [stock or option awards] in fiscal 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hearst Seeks 20% Annual Cost Reductions at Newspapers

“Our industry is largely overstaffed and we are working hard to adjust our cost base.”

Anonymous said...

We could probably jazz up this blog a bit if we quit talking about Obama and Bush and start talking about the down and dirty truth that is going on in individual McClatchy newspapers.

Here lies the truth of why they went broke.

Who has a real story to tell? Cronyism, down and dirty politics. The corporate kind.

How many stupid and arrogant managers they have versus the workers. How they got their position to start with? Was it skill or other unknown qualities?

How the last round of layoffs was for hourly workers leaving the same number of managers, LAWD, what was that all about?

There were three managers for eight people, now there are three managers for four people. No wonder our company and the country are going broke.

Let get this interesting again.

Any comments?

Anonymous said...

anon 5:57 Sure. They are ALL liberal, DNC sheeple, with bruised chins with an inch of scrotum salt caked on it.

They are so far to the left, yet think they are not, their paper has no credibility, and no one wants to buy it.

Other than that, I'm sure the are very nice people. Your turn

Anonymous said...

Anon said: “quit talking about Obama and Bush”
We can’t stop talking about Obama, the in-the-tank media gave us Obama. There is no way to undo that. Too many people realize how corrupt the media has become. That loss of trust is never going to be undone. No one wants your crap except the DNC. I hope they can keep you afloat, but don’t count on it.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama had nothing to do with the fall of McClatchy.

It was GREED by the management. They put incompetent leadership at all levels and let them run with it.

Now you seem to be focusing on Editorial and I am focusing on Operations and Management.

Go ahead. But I tell you bad management is and still is the reason papers are failing. When you have 40 percent managers and 60 percent workers there will be problems.

Look at all the bonuses that were taken by corporate people in this year of economic recession.

It would be nice to talk to some people who work at papers and have seen their demise.

Did they say Gary Pruitt made 2.5 million? WHY!

Your turn.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 8:29...although their slant on the "truth to power" sure hasn't helped them at all. The bad management at McClatchy is as obvious as a fart in a space suit.

Anonymous said...

Barocky Road

In Honor of the 44th President of the United States, Baskin-Robbins has issued a new flavor,

" Barocky Road .."

Barocky Road is a blend of half Vanilla, half Chocolate, and surrounded by Nuts and Flakes.

The Vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient.

The Nuts and Flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

The Cost is $100.00 per scoop.

When purchased, it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but then the Ice Cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you.

Thus you are left with an empty wallet, no change, holding an empty cone, with no hope of getting any Ice Cream.

Aren't you feeling stimulated?

Anonymous said...

WSJ article alert. NY Slime announces that it will shutter the Boston Globe in one month if Unions don't agree to massive cuts.

Pay paticular attention to the comments! It seems to be universal.

Anonymous said...

Really people:

It is bad management. Bad decisions made by people with bad judgement that brought the industry down.

Greed! You pack my pockets and I will hire your DumbAsk friend and put them in management to make more bad decisions.

You would have to witness it for a long time to understand. All the BS publcations they came up with that went under and cost tons of money.
Regional offices (rent, power bills, fully staffed when all you had to do was work digitally, both in News, Advertising and Design work.

Now five or 6 years later they are pulling out of Regionals, (doing away with them entirely in most cases, and bring everything in house to be done more economically. Hellooo!

These decision makers still have jobs.

Administror Please: Open up a separate blog and call it "I Hate Barak Obama and he is the reason the newspaper business is in the tank". That would make this blog more interesing and let the haters ramp on. I think the President is a lawyer, not a newspaper manager. I don't see why they are talking about him on this blog.