Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star political columnist slammed for quoting 2 paragraphs from Dem press release criticizing GOP politician over Limbaugh

Warner Todd Huston blisters KC Star columnist Yael Abouhalkah for quoting 2 paragraphs from a Dem press release in a column Abouhalkah wrote bashing a GOP candidate.
Yael T. Abouhalkah is all excited to let the readers of the Kansas City Star know that he's found another Republican politician that has had to grovel at the feet of Rush Limbaugh, apologizing to the radio giant for a slight cast his way. And to "prove" it Abouhalkah used a press release from the Democratic National Campaign Committee that said so. Yeah, nice unbiased source there, Abouhalkah.

Seriously, does Abouhalkah imagine that a Democrat Party press release is an unbiased source about what is happening between a Republican lawmaker and Rush Limbaugh? No wonder newspapers are falling on such tough times. If Abouhalkah is any indication, the definition of common words aren't even any longer understood in the Star's newsroom. Words like "source," "unbiased," "legitimate," and "veracity" seem to be foreign to the folks at the Star. With such a failure to understand the very basics of journalism, its no wonder readers are abandoning newspapers in droves.

Abouhalkah is acting as a mouthpiece for Dem operatives. Think of the money the Star could save by pink-slipping Abouhalkah and just publishing Dem press releases. (Photo credit: Kansas City Star)



Anonymous said...

I know, despite all the irrefutable evidence, including this thread, the MNI lib, teabagging, DNC ball washing Marxists, soon to be out of a job will say...MNI is NOT bias, and we do not parrot DNC talking points.

Anonymous said...


S&P cuts NY Times further into junk territory

Standard & Poor's lowered its credit rating for the The New York Times Co's (NYT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) unsecured debt on Wednesday on concerns about the grim outlook for advertising revenue.

S&P lowered the Times' senior unsecured debt rating by one notch to B-plus, four notches into speculative grade, or "junk" status. It placed the rating on negative watch, meaning it could downgrade it again.

Anonymous said...

And what will MNI do to their “star” reporter for his unbiased transgression?

Probably a raise, promotion or a pulitzer nomination. After all, they have to keep up the standards

Anonymous said...

“No wonder newspapers are falling on such tough times. If Abouhalkah is any indication, the definition of common words aren't even any longer understood in the Star's newsroom.”
I have been saying this for years; the Red Star is a blatantly biased news organ for the Democrats. Only the KC brain-dead dispute that fact.

Anonymous said...

Awarding Abouhalkah a Phew-litzer for copying biased sources would be a step-up from their usual bullshit criteria. That is how ridiculous the award has become. Only a complete shmuck would value such a tarnished relic.

Anonymous said...

A poster once remarked that Abouhalkah and his Bros at the other MNI papers were on the Hamas payroll. I could actually entertain that thought for the DC and foreign bureaus, but when I followed Yael’s claptrap, it made me wonder if he hated the USA? I can’t bring myself to read his junk writing anymore. Good journalists have lost their jobs while this loathsome creature stays. He should have been fired first.

Anonymous said...

Are Yael and Rhonda related? Something about the face hair seems familiar.

Anonymous said...

Every time the Socialists slam Limbaugh, he garners another million listeners. It does take time, but the USA has a way of righting wrongs in politics. obama is the new ‘Carter-Lite,’ that is a good one. My neighbor voted for the Bam, but he is already saying, he didn’t really know anything about him. I blame the media, while they chased Palin because they were scared to death of her, Obama shucked and jived without question. As a side note, my neighbor has picked up on the biased media. All is not lost!

Anonymous said...

HEY AHMED (Teabagger Abouhalkah) SPIN THIS

Ed Schultz’s MSNBC Ratings Have Gone From Small To Microscopic

Now that one of liberal talk radio’s key figures has absolutely bombed on cable, however, the mainstream media hasn’t a word to say about it.

In this case, it’s hot-headed Ed Schultz, who has taken a small MSNBC audience base and rendered it truly invisible, with ratings barely perceptible even when analyzed by a microscope.

If the formerly Fargo-based faux populist and paid union hack has an excuse, it’s that MSNBC’s overall audience has dropped like a rock since the Obamist regime took over in January. ...

Anonymous said...

"Obamist regime" Clever, very clever.