Sunday, May 17, 2009

Over 9,000 newspaper jobs lost so far in 2009

Erica Smith is keeping track of the newspaper layoffs. Click here for details.


Anonymous said...

Meh. Who needs a job anyway? Obama is President!

Shark Girl said...

That's a lot of jobs gone. I guess the news industry is finally feeling what it's like to be under the Obama administration.

It goes like this:

Obama makes a promise then gets elected because everyone thought they were getting change.

He gets elected...loots America, takes over corporations, passes bills that the Federal government is not allowed to be involved in...

Bails out failing companies who ...da da DA!!! mismanaged the bailout money and STILL failed...

Jobs lost.

Okay, see a pattern here? Newspapers are failing. He's in the process of writing a bill to protect the news industry (read: buy the media slants) and offers a bailout.

Oh wait! Jobs are being lost before the bailout is finalized. May it never be!

Hurry Obama, your coherts in the print industry are depending on you to wave your majestic wand and bail them out, so they can mismanage that money as well, and ....

Oh dear. More job losses.

Welcome to the Obama administration news reporters. Now, pay attention to what's happening in the White House. The Democrats are turning on each other and ratting each other out.

Okay, back to work. Go get your paper and pens and blackberries and start slanting the stories about them ratting each other and blame the Bush administration.

Funny...all of you can't figure it out can you? The Bush, Clinton and Obama administration work together and now they are ratting each other out. I find it very amusing. That's what corruption does to you. You can't be loyal to each other when your foundation is corruption.

Bet the reporters don't say a word! After all, they have press passes that get them in Congress and they better only report what they're puppet masters tell them to report.

What's that? I see your strings being pulled. You better go report what they want before they cut your strings and make you 9001 jobs lost.

Anonymous said...

Most of these newspaper jobs are not coming back. Any money spent should be spent on retraining these people for new jobs, not bailouts for a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

"This may be the last Tucson Citizen to be published"
Tucson Citizen | Arizona Daily Star

"Efforts still are underway to keep the Citizen alive, writes Jennifer Boice. She notes that "about [65 talented Citizen staffers] are being shot into an economy that is losing rather than creating jobs. The [newspaper industry is so distressed] that few of us will be reporters, newspaper designers, editors or news photographers again. It is a tragic loss of talent and enthusiasm."

Anonymous said...

GO SharkGirl GO!!!!!

You are blissful Music to my sore ears!

Anonymous said...

OBAMA is so good at destroying the country that jobs were lost even BEFORE he was elected president by the people.

Advertising went down beause businesses decided to stop marketing there products in newspapers JUST because they are leaning left. who needs revenue right!

Circulation went down because folks decided that newspapers were the product of nazis and decided to instead go online and get there news from shark girl online.

the truth is out!!! dont forget on election day!


Shark Girl said...

To the anonymous commenter who keeps trying to slant this disccussion towards accusing me of wanting people to accept my news...get a life.

You are unable to get the message of what I've been saying. I can just hear your thoughts. "I would rather have news. Any news. Just don't get rid of the papers! Oh please... I depend on newspapers for my news. My local sports. My weather. I read what you have to say and am not capable of finding any information on my own to see if you are telling me the truth. I'm so defendant on your faithful writers to give me the news I so desperately need in order to make my decisions."

Let me voted for Obama didn't you? You had to of. The news media didn't glorify Obama's opponents and they convinced you that you need change. "Yes they did".

You got change. "Yes you did."

Now, go read your newspaper because you are unable to figure anything out on your own without their input.

By the way, I've dissed the Bush, Clinton and Obama administration and I'm not picking on just Obama's policies in case you missed that. I know Bush did nothing to stop the genocide of babies. I know he's sending people off to a war he profits from. (as does Obama)

They are all ratting each other out, but the news slants it as Bush's fault. Amusing isn't it? Obama just looted America, and is sending people off to war, as well, and all they can do is see the faults of the Bush Administration.

It took all of them to get America to where it is today.

Now, like I said, go read your newspaper. You need to see all the wonderful things your leader has done for you and America. "Yes you do."

Shark Girl said...

"Meh. Who needs a job anyway? Obama is President!"

You're right! From cradle to grave, eh? He'll take care of the reporters.

"Yes he will."

I just love his slogan. It's so fun to play with. "Yes it is."

Anonymous said...

typical of the right wing trying to control the conversation.

Thank god our savior that we have freedom of speach.

Anonymous said...

****Thank god our savior that we have freedom of speach.****

Allah nor the Obamababoon gave you that freedom.

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl and Johnnie in the same? Maybe she's his cross dressing alter ego?

Anonymous said...

More buyouts coming this week and next as FWST outsources some accounting functions to India. Estimate is 8-10 FTE's of 28.
Bite the losses ahead.

Anonymous said...

Bite the losses ahead.


All except for us at the ___________ (fill in choice of McClatchy property), we are profitable because our boss said so!

Shark Girl said...

Which boss said you were profitable? Are you referring to Obama or McClatchy?

If Obama, then that's a laugh. Considering he though bailing out the auto industry would help, but they mismanaged the bailout money.

If McClatchy bosses are telling you they are profitable, then they will reject any bailout funding offered to them by Obama. After all, if they are profitable, they don't need bailout money.

It's going to be interesting to see which agencies accept looted money from Americans and which ones thanks Obama. We don't need the looted money. We're profitable, and besides, we're unbiased journalists who would never accept the taxpayer's money that the Feds looted from them. After all, we love Americans and wouldn't take their money to keep our corporation afloat.

I'll be expecting McClatchy to turn down all funds from the Obama administration.

John Altevogt said...

I personally don't think any of the trolls on here have anything to do with newspapers. One has discussed advertising sales I believe (you know the job you get when you can't be a bank clerk). They may, or may not, be libs. More than likely we're being forced to babysit.

Shark Girl said...

Well, Johnnie Boy, this is your alter ego speaking..."we" don't have time to babysit, but they sure are entertaining to watch.

They have yet to contribute anything and just whine about those that can put an intelligent thought together.

There is someone posting anonymously that contributes to the conversation, and I'm not referring to that person.

I've had some good laughs at their childish behavior.

I had someone from 13WMAZ come into my blog today and make a comment. It's funny how the news media really hates anyone challenging their stories.

Anonymous said...

As king fishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame;
As tumbled over rim in roundy wells
Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell's
Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name;
Each mortal thing does one thing and the same:
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells;
Selves -- goes itself; myself it speaks and spells,
Crying What I do is me: for that I came.

Anonymous said...

"They have yet to contribute anything and just whine about those that can put an intelligent thought together."

the same could be said about your post!

a matter of fact the same has been said about your post.

Anonymous said...

John your not being forced to babysit. You choose to write your opion here and like a lot of narrow minded people on the Right, try to control the conversation with fear and lies. You have no control, you have no respect, you have no facts to back up anything you say 90% of the time. Its all your opinion. At least you do sometimes bring legit things to the Blog, Shark Girl, i have never read anyting but her opinions. she refers to polls which only exist in her head, moreover she labels anyting she does not agree with. Most people in america have moved on from that blatent ignorance.

to sum it up, most of what you write is laughable, and as such you will get very little resonses that are respectable and serious.

Shark Girl said...

Polls? Where?

I can tell you haven't read anything in my blog about McClatchy or other media. If you had, you would know I added the sources of my information.

But, that's okay. I'm quite sure you would only read if it was written in a newspaper. Reading a blog that gives a view that opposes your view is apparently frightening to you.

Labels everything? Oh, you mean like Left-Wing, Liberals, etc. etc.? Yes, labels work well from both sides of the Wings, don't they?

This is something else that amuses me. You have yet to contribute anything to refute what John and I write. All you do is whine about what we write. How about giving us some intelligent answers that refute what we have to say? Oh wait! Could it be that you are just giving your opinion of our posts? Opinions also work well for both Wings.

So, there we have it. The Right-Wing and Left-Wing all have opinions. Ain't America cool?

Now, go read your newspaper so you can see what your journalists have to say about their puppet masters since they can't think or write on their own.

Truth Hurts said...

"she refers to polls which only exist in her head"
Like this unfounded description of "most people"??
"Most people in america have moved on from that blatent ignorance."

"moreover she labels anyting she does not agree with."
Like the label "blatant ignorance"?

Anonymous said...

"One has discussed advertising sales I believe (you know the job you get when you can't be a bank clerk)."

yeah john keep slamming the employees! Your credibility keeps rising everyday.

I know folks in advertising and they work their butts off trying to put food on the table. I dont think you know anything about that since all you got is a blog to vent your failures in life.

Anonymous said...

6:43 PM She is making a fool of you. Even better than you do of yourself.

Shark Girl said...

"Like the label "blatant ignorance"?"

Now, why couldn't I have thought of that? LOL I missed that one.

Anonymous said...

This is something else that amuses me. You have yet to contribute anything to refute what John and I write. All you do is whine about what we write. How about giving us some intelligent answers that refute what we have to say? Oh wait! Could it be that you are just giving your opinion of our posts? Opinions also work well for both Wings.

yeah i am just giving my opinion, never claimed i was giving anything else. Moreover, i dont have to. I am just responding to a joke with a joke.

And you keep telling me to go read the papers, let me put your mind at ease, i have read the paper and will continue reading the paper. I also will keep posting on this blog, becasue i can.

So kid, Why dont you go read the paper? might learn something.

Shark Girl said...

There you go! We can finally agree on something. We both have opinions.

See how easy that was to admit you have an opinion and so do I? Darn, does this mean we have to shake hands now?


Can you recommend a paper I can read?

Anonymous said...

Adventures of Shark Girl p2

" mom why are you celebrating?"

"well little sharky, the leftist pigs of a newspaper industry just fell apart"

"but what about all those people working at the paper"

"they get what they deserve, they are apart of that marxist paper"

" but little Johnny was delivering papers for them to save up for basesball"

" little Jonny's mom voted for a baboon,therefore little jonny doesnt even deserve to eat"

"That seams mean mommy"

"Sharky, thats a small price for my point of view, which is the only point of view that matters. Now go get the gun, we going to kill baboons."

Shark Girl said...

I guess a handshake is out of the question then. LOL

Truth Hurts said...

"6:43 PM She is making a fool of you. Even better than you do of yourself."

If you tried really hard...could you think up a more mindless retort?

Or is this your idea of a seriously clever non-personal attack?

John Altevogt said...

"You have yet to contribute anything to refute what John and I write."

I've been making this point. They are not here to engage in a dialog, (although our friend with the rotten grammar does occasionally make a stab at it) they are here basically as vandals doing what they can to disrupt the legitimate activities of the blog and thwart civil discussion. Obviously McClatchy Watch has become a threat.

Shark Girl said...

Whenever a blog allows anonymous commenting, that's what happens. Not that they wouldn't have to get a Blogger account that gives no info on them; however, it sure would make it easier to respond to them if they had a nick.

However, they are proving that Liberals tend to act childish when around people who oppose their views.

My goodness this has been interesting. But...*yawn* I'm rather bored with them now.

I can't help but wonder why they are so upset over someone challenging the news industry. You would think they own shares in the media or something.

Anonymous said...

So if I understand everything correctly, Obama is the reason for newspaper layoffs? Was he the president in 2007? Early to mid-2008?

Ad salespeople couldn't get jobs as bank tellers. Nice try folks. Bank tellers don't make $90K+ like we do.

Funny, Shark Girl and our moderator will listen to any opinion and not criticize it as long as it doesn't differ from theirs.

Ladies and gentleman, this is the republican party. Wine and criticize everyone. Gonna be a long 8 years for you folks.

I wish you peace and happiness.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy Watch:

It's not "Over 9,000."

it's "More than 9,000."

Just thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...
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Shark Girl said...


Anonymous said...

It's past your bedtime, Shark girl .... nighty night!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who yawns at Whitman is not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who spams a thread with him is a troll.

Anonymous said...

On the whole, I'll take Whitman. He's incapable of being spam. And hey -- the poem's about a Republican. People here should enjoy that.

Thank god for the consolation of art amid life's feculent blather.