Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday May 17 -- Got news or an update?

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Kevin Gregory said...

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1. You are free to discuss, debate, and critique the posts and comments.

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Anonymous said...

-Dark day at Baltimore Sun, say critics-
Politico, by Michael Calderone
Even by the sad standard set by newspapers across the country, The Baltimore Sun has had a rough go. After the latest round of cuts, a newsroom that had more than 420 employees a decade ago now has just 140. At the beginning of the Bush administration, The Sun had 11 staffers in Washington. It has one today. Having previously shuttered bureaus in London, Beijing, and Moscow, the paper

Anonymous said...

Pelosi funny pages:

My lips are moving? / Either I'm lying, or / Botox wearing off

I've been a liar / A lot longer than Barack / But without his gift

I am not lying / Except for what I just said / And what I'll say next

I would never lie / See me smile with honesty / Ow, my face just broke

Anonymous said...

SF Chronicle Reporter: Pelosi 'Torture Woes' Politically

So how does the Washington correspondent for Nancy Pelosi's hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, explain away Nancy Pelosi's disastrous news conference on thursday in which she accused the CIA of lying?

Simple. Blame it all on the evil Republicans and portray the House Speaker as the victim of political gamesmanship. Such was the laughable premise, of Carolyn Lochhead in her Chronicle article:

The San Francisco Democrat, deeply partisan and often ridiculed, offers Republicans their best shot yet at blocking a popular president whose poll numbers have so far defied gravity.

Anonymous said...

“SF Chronicle Reporter: Pelosi ‘Torture Woes’ Politically Motivated”

What, Pelosi political? You mean - - - you mean - - — SHE’S A POLITICIAN?

My bubble has been burst. That means she’s politically motivated.

Anonymous said...

The description of the Palousy news conference I liked best was her 'crab-walk retreat.' How did someone as clueless as she is rise to any political power?

“Yesterday's press conference was no cake walk for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. ... Pelosi walked, sideways, away from the lectern and, still sidling in a sort of ... the speaker attempted the [crab-walk retreat] again, returned to the …”

Anonymous said...

Why is it, that except fo the media, we have not heard ONE WORD from the administration defending Pelosi.

If this is a “Republican” ploy, the Obama people sure seem to be on board with it.

Anonymous said...

This Pelosi crab walk might catch on as a new dance step. It could be the Botox has fallen down her body into her real brain. Eeewww! I can’t even think about that!
Dana Milbank - Pelosi's Fancy Footwork About Waterboarding ...May 14, 2009 ... Transcript: Pelosi News Conference on Waterboarding Disclosure ... away from the lectern and, still [sidling in a sort of crab walk, …]

Anonymous said...

“Bad Week For San Fran Nan
..Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference yesterday, ... Pelosi walked, sideways, away from the lectern and, still sidling in a sort of crab walk, …”
Seems like the press is piling on poor old Nanny. I wonder why
Barry-O hasn’t come to her aid? Because she is caught in a lie? Like he didn’t know it from the get go? It just isn’t working out like the little fraud wanted, again!

Anonymous said...

Pay Walls Alone
Won’t Save Newspapers
New York Times, by Eric Pfanner

PARIS — Will May 2009 mark the beginning of the end for the free, unfettered Internet? From all the wailing on the Web — and the fist-pumping in some old-media redoubts — it might seem so. In recent days, Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of News Corp., declared that he would end what he called a “malfunctioning” business: the free online newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Obama Says He's Spock Then
Misuses English Language
NewsBusters, by Warner Todd

Remember how the left always asserted that George W. Bush was stupid? Remember how they were so thrilled to have the Obammessiah that spoke so well, a president that was perpetually the smartest man in the room? Well, after the many stammering TelePrompter free stump debacles during the campaign, many began to doubt this claim of his superior intelligence. Here is another small dent in that perception....

Anonymous said...

Don’t tell me Leo Pitts has decided to write the truth about a liberal? I don’t think I could stand such honesty after the years of drivel I have come to expect, but of course he had to put in a slam even though it did nothing for the article.
Buh bye Leo, too little too late!
Pelosi's story has lots of holes in it
Miami Herald, by **Leonard Pitts Jr.**
Somebody call me when Nancy Pelosi gets her story straight. So far, the House Speaker's explanation of what and when she knew about the Bush administration's policy of torturing suspected terrorists is crookeder than Dick Cheney's smile. Indeed, it has evolved from a straightforward avowal that, with apologies to Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, she knew ''nothing! NO-thing!'' about waterboarding, to an admission that maybe she knew a little something after all,….

Anonymous said...

"If the SF Chronicle were to fold?"
Who cares?
If a tree product falls in San Francisco, does it make a sound?

San Francisco Chronicle
Aileen Yoo
Everyone has an opinion about the dying newspaper industry, including Gavin Newsom. The SF leader turned gubernatorial candidate/media pundit apparently told The Economist if the Chronicle were to fold, "People under 30 won't even notice."

Anonymous said...

"If the SF Chronicle were to fold?"
Who cares?


It has not been disclosed yet, but you're going to see the answer to that question first hand.

I have a friend who works there. All production employees have been notified that they are losing their jobs after the end of this month.

The Gate will close.

Anonymous said...

Thousands attend anti-tax rally, but I see no mention of the rally at, perhaps I missed it. Word is those Measures are going down by double digits, except the Measure to freeze California legislators' pay.
CORONA: Thousands attend anti-tax rally
North County Times, by AARON CLAVERIE

And thousands of Southern California residents provided the "boom," turning the normally laid-back setting of Tom's Farms, a pastoral roadside attraction/farmers market on the outskirts of Corona, into a raucous staging ground for an anti-tax rally on Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi’s New and Improved press conference.

Liberal reporter: Madam Speaker, I know you are busy saving the USA, but one small question, did your aide hide facts from you about the torture methods?
Pelosi: Blink

Liberal reporter: That’s just what I thought, you were duped.
Pelosi: Blink, Blink

Liberal reporter: I will start the drumbeat/echo method to save you and cast the blame on George Bush.
Pelosi: Blink, smile

Plastic surgeon: Nancy, I told you not to blink and smile at the same time. You have a face freeze, and it will take me hours to disconnect your mouth from your blowhole.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Mao-Bama will not save you.

Anonymous said...

"Mom, what happen to dad when he went to war?"

"Son, I dont know what happen to dad, I dont know anything.Shark Girl said not to read the paper anymore if your a true american. Now go get your gun, we going to kill some baboons"

Anonymous said...

****Chairman Mao-Bama will not save you****

But the Obamababoon is the Messiah. Where's the Hope and Change? Did he flush it down the toilet?

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to conclude that some GOP plants are running some kind of organized campaign on this blog. In other words, they've hijacked the blog. Would that make them "trolls"?

Anonymous said...

I think it's more of the Lefty trolls that are trying to stifle speech here, which is typical of their rancid behavior.

John Altevogt said...

One of the traits of the left has been to change their name over time to fool people. Liberal at one time had a positive anti-government, libertarian connotation and then the modern totalitarian liberal movement stole that and ran that into the ground and now they claim to be "moderates". the communists became "progressives". In areas like North Dakota and Minnesota, the Democrats stole the populist organizational names even though most of the old populists either became Republicans, or sought the Republican endorsement.

When the foundation of what you believe is based on an ultra-authoritarian political ideology you do what you can to stay one step ahead of public opinion.

John Altevogt said...

Oops, which is to say, on here the trolls will try to pin that adjective on the folks who actually contribute to the blog so the parasites can continue to engage in their fascistic campaign to silence and disrupt this blog.

Anonymous said...

***I'm beginning to conclude that some GOP plants are running some kind of organized campaign on this blog. In other words, they've hijacked the blog. Would that make them "trolls"?***

John, aren't you an official spokesman for the Republicans in Kansas? Or at least, used to be?

John Altevogt said...

I am the official spokesman for me. I hold no office in any party. I am a registered Republican and also assist a America's Majority, a policy group as their Communications Director. My comments on this, or any other blog, are unrelated to any organization and are simply an extension of my ongoing personal campaign to fight bigotry, corruption and authoritarianism.

Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up John, now we know its all about you.

I would hate to think you are actually a voice for the conservative base, much like bob the builder.

Anonymous said...

John forgot to mention that he is a former county Republican chairman in Wyandotte County, and a former associate vice chairman of the Kansas Republican Party.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

John Altevogt said...

There certainly isn't anything wrong with it. Is there some relevance to anything, or is this just more of your spam to waste space?

And, for the record, I was an associate vice chair of the state party under two different chairs, David Miller and Steve Abrams, both solid conservatives. Steve is now a state Senator.

I also ran nationwide minority outreach ad campaigns that past few cycles that have been quite effective in defeating several totalitarian liberal candidates.

Anonymous said...

7:37a.m....The description of the Palousy news conference I liked best was her 'crab-walk retreat.' How did someone as clueless as she is rise to any political power?...

Pelosi has crabs!?! I think the media should leave her personal life out of it!