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Anonymous said...

["should we do nothing?"]
-SF financier: "My goal is to explore ideas capable of supporting quality journalism"-

San Francisco Business Times
Warren Hellman says he and "a team of business and media experts" are working on a plan to develop a new, sustainable model for community journalism in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Hellman says many options are on the table, including a nonprofit model, expanding into unspecified new print or online directions, for-profit, or a web-only, online-ad-driven model. Or, ["should we do nothing?"]

Anonymous said...

Star-Ledger praised for the way it's handling pay cuts
Romenesko Letters

The only question is why the progressive pay cut structure --
5% of the first $40,000,
10% of the next $40,000 and
15% above that -- did not continue,
but topped out at $80,000,
says David Cay Johnston. "Still, other publishers, as well as Guild and other worker leaders, should take note of how this Newhouse newspaper designed these cuts, which will be more effective than across-the-board cuts if they minimize damage to worker morale and thus encourage optimal productivity."

Anonymous said...

“ companies are the least trusted in this country..”
There are many articles about the TOA of journalism.(Transparency, Accountability and Openness”) Some ostrich journos are still saying their news is not slanted left. What will it take to get these dinosaurs to admit the truth? Extinction?
-How the ‘TAO of Journalism’ Can Help the News Media-
What’s worse, [many people don’t like, respect or trust journalists and media outlets anymore.] They rank low in most public-opinion polls. The latest Edelman Global Trust Index found that [media companies are the least trusted in this country,] behind automotive, banking, energy and pharmaceutical firms.

However, not just newspapers but all news media must be more accountable to the public if they hope to [regain the credibility and trust they have clearly lost.]

Anonymous said...

“Democrats are still sweeping Acorn abuses under a rug.” Where are the government watchdogs? Chewing on the bones they got for swinging an election to a fraud?
More Acorn Voter Fraud
Comes to Light

Wall Street Journal, by John Fund
Democrats are split on how to deal with Acorn, the liberal "community organizing" group that deployed thousands of get-out-the-vote workers last election. State and city Democratic officials -- who've been contending with its many scandals -- are moving against it. Washington Democrats are still sweeping Acorn abuses under a rug. On Monday, Nevada officials charged Acorn, its regional director and its Las Vegas field director with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registrations before last year's general election.

Anonymous said...

Where are the phony feminists? Why are they not running to help a woman under siege? Hypocrites!
The Destruction of Miss California
Townhall, by Bill O'Reilly
"Checked on your freedom of speech lately? If not, consider the plight of 21-year-old Carrie Prejean, ..."

Anonymous said...

Dirt bag attorney just can’t conceal his liberal opinions, even when he has to side with Gov. Palin.
Ethics complaint against Palin dismissed

Daniel, an Anchorage attorney, said that’s a political issue, not an ethical one.
“The governor’s decision to leave the state at the end of the legislative session, [may have been unwise.] But the [voters should express their opinion on that subject at the ballot box ]– not in an ethics complaint,” he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Anon...(all of the above articles)

Great stuff Thanks!

For the first snippet, I roll my eyes,

"Quality Journalism in the Bay Area" Oxymoron

Anonymous said...

Bloggers are often ‘gadflies’?
Exploding Blogger Myths
By paulgillin

Gawker’s Ryan Tate takes issue with the conventional wisdom that bloggers can’t be depended upon to cover local government. Keying off of David Simon’s testimony before Congress this week, Tate tells of his experience as a reporter in Oakland, Calif. pounding a local beat.

“I often found that bloggers were the only other writers in the room at certain city council committee meetings and at certain community events. They tended to be the sort of (persistently-involved residents newspapermen often refer to as ‘gadflies’ - ) deeply, obsessively concerned about issues large and infinitesimal in the communities where they lived,” he writes.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dirt bag attorney
“voters should express their opinion on that subject at the ballot box.”
Why would he suggest voters express their opinion on a complaint that had no merit?

Anonymous said...

Are the Bay area reporters doing anything about the plight of the S.F. press men losing their jobs to Canada?
Where is the "Great Carnac" to help us predict our future?
After being in the business for over 25 years, and the business finally failing me, I really see no future in several large media outlets. I think it will come down to just several large national papers and possibly a bunch of little local mom and pop papers with the midsize papers folding because of lack of real news and real reporting. Papers like USA Today, Wall Street etc. I think will survive, but the majority of papers like what McClatchy has will quickly disappear. Too bad the S.F. financier has no good definition of "Quality Journalism" to model from.

Anonymous said...

Stephens' next court appearance is May 15.

The N&O will surely write a follow-up article. Did we ever find out if Linda Williams spiked the charges as unimportant?
In reference to -
James Stephens III, who was named The News & Observer's Tar Heel of the Week on April 19, has an assault charge pending against him in Wake County District Court.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Pride Blog-
While checking out the Gov. Palin article, I came across a blog that has a lot of links with good information. It offers at least some balance to the nitwit ADN, and their useless propaganda.