Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

SJ Mercury News to charge for web content KGO-TV

The free ride soon will be over for people who want to read several Bay Area newspapers online.

Newspaper websites have been struggling to find a strategy that works. Why place a classified ad on mercurynews.com when it's free on Craigslist? Why buy a paper when its content is free online?

The editor of the Mercury News turned down a request for an interview.

Anonymous said...

'Tucson Citizen' Was Losing $10,000 a Day, Court Told in Lawsuit

CHICAGO The Tucson Citizen was losing $10,000 a day before it was folded last weekend -- money that would be better spent making a "vibrant" Arizona Daily Star, lawyers for Gannett Co. and Lee Enterprises Inc. argued before a federal judge Monday.

Anonymous said...

Music magazine Paste begs readers for bailout

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. music magazine Paste, facing advertising cuts that have hit many publications during the recession, is staking its survival on begging loyal readers and musicians for money.

Editor-in-Chief Josh Jackson said the seven-year-old magazine was hoping to raise a sum in "the low six figures," to help it through the crisis.

Anonymous said...

News Media: Stop Digging
Big Hollywood. Kurt Schlichter

Alienating potential customers is not proving to be an awesome strategy.

But instead of, say, not insulting them anymore, the journalism establishment is trying a new tactic.

It’s going to keep insulting its more conservative customers but tell these customers that it is in fact not insulting them and that they are stupid for believing they are being insulted.

Anonymous said...

Some insiders say the papers were waiting for the new crop of cheap labor before continuing the layoffs, and that hundreds of newly graduated journos will gladly knock others out of a job. J-schools say the interns are encouraging competition, which will lead to a better news product. Anyone buying this BS has flatlined.
Journo comment:
“Oh and by the way, a new army of interns will be coming in next week, just in time to fill the empty chairs.”

Anonymous said...

Anyone waiting for the Lame Stream Media to drumbeat/echo this data? Captain Bobo’s aides may not have pointed this data out to him, just like they skipped informing him about the anti-tax tea parties. Then he can say he didn’t know ANYTHING about it.
Greening, Greening, Gone
Empirical data from Spain shows that building a so-called 'green economy' destroys over 2 jobs for every single job it creates. And the jobs it creates are largely temporary.
Economics by Marcus Bowen

Anonymous said...

You can't expect a rescue of a Titanic.