Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday was a good day for 3 newspaper stocks... what's next for MNI?

Several newspaper stocks surged upward Wednesday, giving hope to some that print media might be mounting a come back. The top performers from yesterday:

  • Lee Communications up 41% (what's up with Lee??)
  • McClatchy up 12%
  • Gannett up 8.5%

(Weakling GateHouse was up 40% yesterday but it doesn't deserve to be grouped with these three... GateHouse started at 15 cents a share and jumped to 19 cents a share.)

So what will Thursday bring? More upswing for MNI and other newspapers?

My take: there might be more upswing in the short term, but McClatchy's weakness will push the price back down over time.



Anonymous said...

MNI sellers took over yesterday at about 1:15 and the stock lost it's gains for the day closing at it's opening price.

This means that whatever activity was going on yesterday and the day before is likely over unless there is someone new on deck.

Pre Market is currently up 77.00 and very active. Europe had a good open, so I would look for MNI to open slightly higher but what happens after that is a crap shoot.

I wouldn't put money either way, but I stick with what started yesterday and bet on trending down.

Anonymous said...

"...and the stock lost it's gains for the day closing at it's opening price."

Factually wrong.

It closed at $.75 on the 5th, opened at $.83 and closed at $.84.

$.75 to $.84 is not "lost it's gains". To me that is a gain of $.09.

Anonymous said...

5:40 AM
Factually correct. You're just nitpicking and mincing words to impress yourself.

On the day means that the closing price from the previous day is irrelevant. The stock opened at .83 and reached a high of .97 before selling kicked in. The closing bell rang at .83 climbing to .84 after hours on a BOC of 15.5k in the settlement period.

This mean that MNI traded higher during the day and lost it's gains for the day. I'll give you the penny since the 8 minutes after hours count, but what I would like to know in return is which part of "closing at it's opening price" didn't you understand?

Anonymous said...


That is what you said. Is the $.09 funny money? Does it fall into limbo?

From one day to the next it GAINED $.09. No one is nitpicking your closing at opening price statement, just your obvious blunder.

And is nitpicking words...but that seems to be all everyone does on here. "Oh look, they made a typo on this site/article - they are so pathetic and worthless!".

Sorry if you can dish it but are not man enough to take it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20

Anonymous said...


Nice response. It is funny how someone turns the tables on the "ultra right" on this site and "you guys" resort to childish tactics that you often accuse the "leftist liberals" of doing.

Just like another post where they talk about "discussing the facts, not the person" and how the lefties cannot do that and resort to name calling...bravo for proving the point made and that righties are the same as lefties when backed into a corner.

Anonymous said...

Watchdogs Or Lapdogs?

Hah, the propaganda sheets, the ones who reprint the DNC talking points, now want the Democrats to bail them out, somehow, someway.

Just maybe if they were really fair balanced, they could actually see the culture of corruption the Obama thugocracy and the Democrats in Congress has brought to America — And in fact write stories about it, and put it out on TV.

But no, they seem preoccupied with Obama boot licking. Maybe that’s the real problem here. Hoping in bed with one political party, maybe that’s where your business got it’s fleas.

The reason the business model has shifted, is people went elsewhere for news, fair news. It’s odd the WSJ is doing fine as people must see real value there. Something sadly lacking from a $5 copy of the Sunday New York Times.

What sealed the newspapers fate was when the local grocery and department stores put their ads on-line. End of story.

Newspaper advocates address Senate on struggles industry faces
With newspapers battered by recession and an online revolution, senators heard bleak assessments Wednesday of a future with much less watchdog journalism.

Watchdog journalism, the funniest two words in the whole story.

It’s interesting to note, the newspapers were crashing well before the recession began in Q3 2008. And of course, it’s so unfair, all those nasty search engines … So how else would people divine the truth from the DNC talking points memos.

Newspaper advocates complained that Google and other news aggregators have unfairly – even “parasitically” – hoarded revenue that publishers deserve and need. Lawmakers wrestled with how and whether government should step in.

“Today, newspapers look like an endangered species,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., noting double-digit circulation drops over just six months at papers from Boston to San Francisco. Kerry, chairing a Commerce subcommittee hearing, called it vital to “preserve the core societal function that is served by an independent and diverse news media.”

Well maybe the newspapers should take time off from Obama and DNC cheer leading for socialism and do their jobs as the public watchdog, hey now here is a suggestion. — You know, do things like explain the Constitution, and how what Obama is doing is unconstitutional, things like that, watch dogs.

And maybe explain the Supreme Court affirmed the Second Amendment RIGHT of Americans, hard stuff like that.
But just how that might be done remained unclear.

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., pushed the idea of letting newspapers operate as nonprofits, making them eligible for the same tax breaks as churches and charities; he is worried about the fate of The Sun in Baltimore, whose owner, Tribune Corp., is in bankruptcy.

“We need to save our community newspapers and the investigative journalism they provide,” he said.
Hey lapdogs, point out one investigative journalism story that was negative for Obama and his comedy team? Go ahead, make my day, show the story you broke. And how about that vetting, you get copies of the Obama birth certificate yet?

Why is Obama spending millions on preventing it being shown, while it would take a mere $12 and a phone call to produce it for all to see.

Great job vetting the Obammunist, it’s what watchdogs are for, right?
Nothing prevents any newspaper or news organization from becoming a nonprofit, non-political organization right now.

Just file the paper work. I think the non-political might be a huge problem for the cheerleaders of socialism though. The right is learning how to file suits.
Whatever happens, a bailout of any form, will insure them a never listened to, never read, slot in the media archives, just like NPR.

Today’s “watchdog journalism — Indeed, it’s oxymoronic…along the lines of “UN peacekeeper” and “liberal intellectual.”

Anonymous said...

That is what you said. Is the $.09 funny money? Does it fall into limbo?

The stock never traded at that price, that is why it is taken out. I am sorry if you don't understand the lexicon but it is correctable with a little education.

In any event the rest of the babble mean nothing as my assessment is proven correct. MNI is now down to .72 and your so called rally is over.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


You are telling me that people won't take profits? Well, I mean the rest of the market is taking profits, so why not MNI owners?

And the rally is currently at 43% over the last week, 22% for the month and 7% for the last 3 months.

I guess closing up 5 of the last 6 days is not enough for you. Please share your wisdom with us as to what a rally really is?

Anonymous said...

You are telling me that people won't take profits? Well, I mean the rest of the market is taking profits, so why not MNI owners?

They would take profits if anyone were buying. That was not the case however.

Look, you have no clue what you are talking about. I am done even trying to respond to your drivel.

Go out, buy all the MNI you can get your hands on and be happy. But stop trying to pump it here because there are out of work employees and those who have lost a lot of money. I am sure you wouldn't want to be responsible for causing them to lose even more because you don't have even a basic idea of what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Trying to pump it...are you stupid? This all started off because you made a mistake in a statement you made and you were called on it.

I am not advocating anyone do anything with the stock. Hell for all I care buy it to use as toilet paper. I am just trying to point out that your comment was in fact WRONG.

Your correct answer should have been to ignore the fact that you made the mistake (even if off by a penny). Instead you are doing what you claim the lefties do all the time, changing subjects.

But apparently as stated previously you don't like receiving as much as giving so this is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

If a stock gets de-listed, what happens to the shares held by investors?

Anonymous said...

10:36 AM

If your stock is dropped to OTCBB you still own the shares, but in most cases the situation is grim as most institutional investors and research firms will drop ownership and coverage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21 AM;range=5d

Wed May 6

starts at 0.84
ends at 0.84